Platters from De Fontein
Platters from De Fontein

Mission Bay’s Destination Gastropubs

Mission Bay boasts a beautiful white sandy beach, a picturesque fountain and a beachside reserve the length of the bay. With myriad ice-cream shops, eateries and even a cinema available at arm’s length from its sandy shores, one would hardly expect, nor need,  any other excuse to visit. But there are…


Mission Bay also houses two of Auckland’s best gastropubs. Standing proud, either side of Mission Bay’s main T-junction onto Patteson Ave are two gastropub experiences that couldn’t be more different. On one side De Fontein offers the traditional Belgian experience with bespoke imported Belgian ale, whilst on the other Good George offers a chillaxed Kiwi experience with a selection of home brews from Waikato.


Dessert from De Fontein.
Dessert from De Fontein.


De Fontein is a family-friendly gastro pub that caters for families, corporates, tourists and of course, the Mission Bay locals. It plays host to many functions and is an easily adaptable space spanning two floors, with balcony and street-side dining.


The interior design is inspired by 1930s Belgium – from between the first and second world wars. So if you feel like escaping to Europe, De Fontein is the place to go with its interior entirely imported from Belgium. The stools, bar tops, lights and memorabilia throughout the space all work together to create a quintessential Belgian bar experience for all who venture in.


Food-wise, De Fontein is renowned for its mussels and frites, fresher than anything you’ll find elsewhere (the restaurant goes through 800-1,000kg of mussels per week). They cater to vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans and those who are gluten free. When it comes to beverages, they are the gold standard for serving Stella Artois, selling the most in New Zealand. They are one of only three bars in the country that serve ale air-freighted from Belgium – no easy task during recent events. Their staff are as passionate about Belgian beer as they are about creating a joyful and memorial experience for their patrons – with two employees ranking as top Draft Masters globally, and one holding the world championship, you know when it comes to a satisfyingly good beer, you’re in good hands.


Inside Good George.
Inside Good George.

Good George is located on the upper floor directly across from De Fontein. With a hard-to-miss rainbow staircase inviting punters up from the beach, Good George is an easy-going craft beer brew bar. Anyone with a curiosity for craft beer will be well satisfied with the selection available at Good George – they have 18 craft beers and ciders on-tap, all brewed in Waikato, as well as limited edition and seasonal beers such as passionfruit IPA and sours. They also make their own gin, have a whisky in the pipeline and make great cider slushies during summer hours.


The menu is well adapted to suit our Kiwi palettes, notably the George & Cheese Burger with a side of chips (seriously good), and the prawn and pork salad.


Good George has everything you would want from a contemporary seaside pub. Its down-to-earth vibe is enhanced with weekly rituals and rolling events such as quiz nights and an acoustic guitar set on Sundays. Well worth the visit, it caters to everyone.


Now that daylight savings is upon us, it’s time to take the scenic 10-minute drive from the CBD to Mission Bay. No matter what the weather you can be rest assured, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


De Fontein
77 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay
(09) 578 3327
Opening Hours | Weekdays: 11am – Late Weekends: 9am– Late

Good George
71 Tamaki Drive (upstairs), Mission Bay
(09) 974 0006
Opening Hours | Weekdays: 11:30am – Late Weekends: 11am – Late


Both venues have free parking out the back. Go to for details.