Start the New Year with these elegant and modern design pieces. 


1. Circus Floor Lighting

by Resident Studio

A mixture of exciting yet elegant lighting options to create ambient moods for the late summer evenings. Resident Studio is taking lighting to a new level with their range of circus inspired lighting features. My personal favourite is the Circus Floor Lighting, a unique presentation of five interlocking rings. Inspired by a jewellery hanger which would traditionally adorn a dressing table. Even better these beautiful products are handmade in Aotearoa and can be viewed and purchased from Simon James Concept Store.


2. Calvo Table

by Lee Kirkbridge 

The Calvo Table lends itself to a variety of settings and number of uses. It is perfect as a bedside table due to its adjustable nature and can also sit comfortably next to an armchair or as a standalone feature. Available at Bob and Friends. 


3. Edith 3-Shelf

by Kay + Stemmer 

Designer duo have designed a pair of freestanding shelves called Agnes and Edith. Available in oak or walnut, Edith is the smaller 3-shelf version and Agnes is taller with five shelves. Simple, functional and stylish. Available from Bob and Friends.



4. Paper Blinds

by Natashar Sawadichai

Natchar Sawatdichai is the maker of adjustable paper blinds, elegant, modern and different, they make a beautiful alternative to those that are made by environmentally damaging plastics. Paper is both a sustainable and affordable option so you can treat the blinds as permanent decor or change them seasonally. It is recommended that you change them at least once every 12 months. To purchase the blinds visit Natchar’s website. 


5. Celine Chair

by Hamilton Conte 

Plush velvet armchairs and sofas to make you feel like royalty. Hamilton Conte has a wide range of luxurious furniture that would be perfect for a statement piece in your home. Get yourself a piece of furniture which tells a story. From lounging sofas to stylish desk chairs, you cannot go wrong. To pursue the most recent catalogue visit their website. 



6. Kuftwist

by Kuf Studios 

Kuftwist is a revolutionary blind. The Louver Twisting Comb is a patent pending flexible screen system to be used as a completely new type of cordless window blinds, space management like room dividers and shelving system or developed into facade systems and other large scale installations. The possibilities are almost endless. 


7. Dandy Chair 

by Massproductions

Available from Simon James Concept Store, Massproductions has a beautiful range of simple and functional furniture. “With a dignified simplicity we aim to create products that are tactile, considered and modernist in spirit.“ My favourites are the Dandy Chair and Bit Side Table. 


8. Paris Sofa

by Hamilton Conte 

Reminiscent of a dreamy holiday home in the south of France, Hughes Chevalier furniture will have you daydreaming of a life across the sea. Elegant leather and wood in timeless designs, these pieces will leave your home looking complete and understated. 


9. Cabin Desk

by Simon James

The Cabin Desk by Simon James is an exercise in modern introversion. Perfect for an open plan office environment as its tall and curving edges offer privacy and seclusion. With it’s roof and semi-enclosed structure, it offers exceptional acoustic qualities in today’s modern workspace. Available at the Simon James Concept Store. 


Words: Mya Cole