Föenander Galleries - Oliver Cain - Relatively Fruity
Föenander Galleries - Oliver Cain - Relatively Fruity

Painting the Town

Auckland’s art scene is thriving. Thanks to agile business minds and an inventive approach to the marketing thereof, gallerists are enjoying a heyday. We meet a few of our local ones.

Föenander Galleries

To Elle Föenander, of Föenander Galleries, art is communication, an invitation to understand who we are and perhaps make sense of the world we inhabit. Art can keep you enchanted and fascinated, allowing you to see things from a perspective you might not have otherwise.


Elle has grown up immersed in the arts. She pursued creativity through dance before studying design at university.  As Elle isn’t from New Zealand originally, she understands the importance of diversity across background, gender, age, discipline and practice. This influence can be recognised throughout Föenander Galleries stable and exhibition calendar.


For Föenander Galleries, it is important to create a platform for a range of voices, each offering their own insight, wisdom and challenge, as part of an ongoing and open dialogue.

With Föenander Galleries, you’re bound to find something new, thought-provoking, unique and exciting with every visit. They specialise in representing a range of emerging artists,  alongside some of New Zealand’s most admired mid-career and senior artists, giving room for emerging creativity and innovation to thrive in their space.


Since launching Föenander Galleries, Elle has set about rethinking the role and relevance of a commercial gallery in the digital age. Introducing as series of short videos to support their calendar of exhibitions, is an ongoing project and one which brought much wider engagement to Föenander’s artists . Earlier this year, the gallery launched a virtual viewing space to complement their physical exhibitions – allowing audiences to experience and engage with contemporary art from a distance.


The gallery  provides a space where audiences can encounter contemporary art, learn and grow along the way, offering a series of public programs with openings, artist talks and art group evenings.



Föenander Galleries - Ramon Robertson bronze sculpture tests

Since launching Föenander Galleries, Elle has set about rethinking the role and relevance of a commercial gallery in the digital age.

Art Select Gallery

Art Select Gallery

Art Select Gallery, 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket is situated at the back of the Rialto Mall and exhibits a wide selection of exceptional artists.


Each month there is a new exhibition on display in our main gallery, and in the back room — or treasure room as we call it — there is a wide variety of artwork from all the artists we represent.


A special service offered by ArtSelect Gallery is viewing artworks in homes or offices with no obligation to buy, and this can be arranged by making an appointment with Ngaire on 021 415 449 or [email protected]


This allows a new art buyer or collector an enjoyable experience, viewing art in-situ before making their decision.



Gallery Elkaar

It’s all about making connections for Gallery Elkaar, a new gallery specialising in original artwork and limited-edition prints from emerging international artists. Elkaar (Dutch for ‘each other’) stands up to its name, featuring a regularly-changing selection of artwork that brings something new to New Zealand spaces.

Upon her arrival in Auckland, founder Amanda Cardinale discovered northern European influences on New Zealand design, where craftsmanship and simplicity of function lead to cosy and comfortable interior worlds. But notably missing, in Cardinale’s eyes, was accessibility to contemporary European art. So Gallery Elkaar was born.

Cardinale’s passion for art began when she was young. Growing up outside New York, she spent her weekends exploring museums and developed a love for American Minimalism, particularly influenced by the art of Sol DeWitt, the father of a childhood friend. During her life abroad in Paris, London, and Amsterdam, her predilection for simple forms and proximity to the creative process endured as she built friendships and connections with designers, printmakers, and artists through her first business, a creative agency.

That desire to find connection is at the heart of Gallery Elkaar. Whether connecting us to artists beyond our borders or discovering emerging talent within them, Cardinale’s ambition is to bring the outside world a little bit closer on the walls of New Zealand homes.



Where craftsmanship and simplicity of function lead to cosy and comfortable interior worlds.

Gallery Elkaar