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Dr Sam Dunn of Palm Clinic in Remuera describes how he uses cosmetic treatments to achieve a fresher, more rested appearance without looking ‘done’.

At first glance, when looking at these before and after photos, it’s hard to pick what has actually changed, but the overall impression is of a more rested, fresher face with no individual area appearing overdone. This is what most of our clients at Palm Clinic are seeking — a ‘freshen up’ rather than appearing as if they’ve had work.


Skilful placement of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin in the right place and at the right volume help our model to look like she’s been on holiday, rather than like she’s ‘been to the clinic’. I’ve placed botulinum toxin in the frown and forehead and around the crow’s feet to soften lines, lift the brows and open the eyes to create a fresher look.


Palm Clinic


I’ve also used dermal filler to enhance the bone structure, defining the outer cheeks and achieving a generally ‘lifted’ appearance. Dermal filler has also been used to soften the lines either side of the mouth.


Palm Clinic is accredited with the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine and offers the full range of cosmetic treatments from medical grade skincare, to facials and peels, injectables, medical laser, cosmetic surgery, and liposuction. Dr. Dunn has been a cosmetic physician for 14 years. He works closely with cosmetic nurse specialist Lee Titchener, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen Mills and advanced skin therapists Marnie Crowe and Karen Eady to get optimal aesthetic results that Palm Clinic is renowned for.


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