Q&A Fran Wyborn

Fran Wyborn

What is Due Drop Foundation?

Due Drop Foundation is New Zealand’s newest charitable trust dedicated to improving the lives of New Zealanders in need through intelligent and effective giving. 


Focusing our giving on the most effective intervention and wraparound community programmes, our key point of difference is our ability to demonstrate how our giving is having a direct impact on disadvantaged Kiwis.


What motivated you to set up the foundation?

I have always been motivated to help those less fortunate. 


Over the past three decades, I’ve personally donated to charities focused on enabling and empowering Kiwis who have been disadvantaged in life and am thrilled my vision for Due Drop Foundation has come to life. 


Why should people donate to Due Drop Foundation and not directly to the charity? 

A lot of charities do not measure the impact of their donations and the donors have no way of knowing what benefits, if any, their charitable donations are producing. 


At Due Drop Foundation, our charities are measured by formulas devised by Impact Lab, a company totally focused on measuring social investment. 


We have also pledged 100 percent of all donations to go directly to the chosen charity.  


Why is Due Drop Foundation important? 

Our mission is to accelerate not-for-profit community programmes that make a measurable difference to the lives of Kiwis who need it most.


By directing funds to charities using scalable, detailed evaluation processes, Due Drop Foundation can identify the most effective intervention and wraparound support programmes and quantify the impact of its donations.


This approach ensures beneficiaries receive the best possible support they need, as well as provides benefactors a clear picture of what the charities are achieving.


Walk the dog or downward dog?

My awesome pilates teacher has had us all zooming in.

How is Due Drop Foundation different from other foundations?

We believe it has been very challenging for donors in New Zealand to clearly understand how their donations are impacting the lives of Kiwis in need.


Due Drop Foundation provides a solution to this by measuring the value of the charity programme and the impact of the charitable dollar, bringing accountability to giving.


What is effective giving?

Giving money intelligently and effectively ensures donors are maximising the impact of their philanthropy.


Due Drop Foundation’s scaled evaluation process gives donors peace of mind that they are getting the best return on their valued gift and it is going to those who need it the most.


How has COVID-19 impacted your life?

Like many people worldwide, I think COVID-19 has completely made people reassess values they previously thought important.


How are you handling all this extra time at home?

Fortunately I was in lockdown at my property on Waiheke Island. I have a small farm so there was always plenty to do, so not exactly a lot of extra time!


Where do you like to get your news from?

The New Zealand Herald, Stuff, television and local rags.


Lockdown larder essentials you can’t do without?

Pizza flour — have mastered pizza making!


A glass of something — most memorable / old favourite / keeps you sane?

Pinot noir and pinot noir.


Dinner venue you can’t wait to get back to?

Antoine’s and Barulho — the best in Parnell.