David Hardwick, King Living

Q&A with David Hardwick, Head of Product at KING

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We chat to David Hardwick the Head of Product at KING. He gives us much needed advice on buying a new bed!

On average, how many beds do people buy during their lifetime?

In conversations with our customers it’s often a major milestone in life that brings them into our stores for a new furniture purchase, marriage or a new partner, growing kids, moving house, or retirement are usually spoken about when deciding on the right piece for their home. A traditional style mattress which is fully enclosed should be replaced every 5-7 years, but often customers hold onto their mattress for over a decade.  The Sleep+ mattresses have a greater lifespan than ordinary mattresses due to their modular design with components that can be replaced or serviced and the ability to clean inside the mattress means it stays healthy for a much longer period of time.


What is the most important factor for most people when buying a bed?

When buying a bed, it’s important to consider how you use your bedroom and the bed, we will often ask our customers whether they have the kids in the bed in morning…or night? Do you read or watch television in bed?  Ie: How you use the bed when you’re awake is probably the most important consideration, as this may determine the height and material of the headboard, an upholstered bedhead is ideal for comfort and support while sitting up and soft edges so kids don’t bump their heads when jumping around.  Size is the other major consideration, it is always best to go for the largest bed you can fit, as a larger bed will help to minimise partner disturbance and provide a better night’s sleep.



What questions should a consumer ask themselves before purchasing a bed and mattress?

It’s important to consider how you use your bed when you’re awake and who is most often sharing the bed with you.  It might be surprising to some how many people sleep with their pets, or more surprising is what types of pets people share their beds with.


What’s preventing us from having a great night’s sleep?

When it comes to a mattress, it’s more about how you sleep… From a recent study 3 out 4 people feel like they need to get 1-2hrs more sleep per night, most people haven’t got time for more sleep so it’s a matter of improving the quality of sleep that you already get.  The three main reasons we have disturbed sleep are from being: too hot, discomfort due to pressure points and too much partner disturbance.  Think about your current mattress in terms of these 3 qualities and try and find a mattress that will breathe (allow maximum airflow) to help regulate your body temperature while sleeping, has maximum pressure relief in the top layer and also is designed to minimise partner disturbance.  The type of sleeper you are will determine the firmness of the ideal mattress for you.



Some examples below:

Firm If you sleep on stomach – Firm will keep your spine aligned.

Medium If you sleep on your back – A Medium level of softness will provide support for your spine back and neck while keeping you comfortable.

Soft If you sleep on side – This will support and contour to your body’s curves.  Zoning is a really important feature for side-sleepers, where softer zones are placed in the areas that support your shoulders and hips to improve pressure relief.