RUBY Apprenticeship Workshops

Servicing Goals 1 & 2 in our RUBY Toolbox For Change, we introduce RUBY Academy Apprenticeship Workshops. It has been widely discussed the need to increase local manufacturing in a post-Covid world, and how businesses will need to look at ways we can add value in New Zealand.

As a brand that manufactures most of our collections in New Zealand, we are so on board with this! We know that we can play a part in the rebuild, and this is our first step. The RUBY Academy Apprenticeship scheme invites budding machinists, cutters and patternmakers to develop skills in our workshop. Our Patternmaker, Sample Machinist and Creative Director will be there to give guidance to apprentices, and the materials used in the learning process will come from RUBY’s production waste streams.The first Apprenticeship Workshop is scheduled for a Thursday-Sunday once we reach Level One. To find out more on our workshops & how to apply see more at: