Rust Never Sleeps | Resene

I spent last weekend in Waiheke.  The weather was absolutely amazing – so good we had to be out in the sunshine – walking the beach, rustic pathways, and quieter back roads.  I have always loved walking in places that I visit – one gets to see so much more compared to when rushing past in a vehicle.  Something I love to look at are homes, buildings and architecture in general, and in Waiheke there are so many examples of great design, my walking experience was a total pleasure.


I have many favourite materials: stone, concrete, glass, and love how corten steel is being used for so much these days such as for sculpture, doors, and walls.  With its characteristic weathered rusty orange look, it is easy to spot.


And the good news is that Resene has made it easy for home enthusiasts (like myself) to create that corten look – as a while ago their technical team came up with a coating that is designed to rust.


Called Resene FX Faux Rust Effect, it is a waterborne coating used to create a rust style effect on exterior and interior surfaces. Once applied, it looks like rust, a look that will continue to develop as the coating ages. Leave it as is or protect it with a clear finish of diluted Resene Waterborne Aquapel. It’s best used in non-contact areas.


Don’t forget to work on a sample area first, applying two coats of Resene FX Faux Rust Effect basecoat then two coats of the Resene FX Faux Rust Effect Activator to set off the rusting effect. The colour intensity and variation of the rust effect depends on the application method. The sooner the activator is applied after the basecoat is tacky, the deeper the rust effect.


Needless to say – I have already starting looking out for ways to use this for my next weekend project.


Words – Fran Ninow