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Shine From Within This Summer With Superboost

We are living in the age of the glow up! Hundreds and thousands of highlighters and light-reflecting products, available in liquid, cream and powder form, have flooded into the skincare market. All designed to enhance the complexion and give skin a brighter, dewier glow.

There are a couple of problems with these products. In the untrained hand they can leave you looking like a disco ball. Or as the name indicates they will highlight every imperfection such as dry patches, uneven pore size and the dreaded wrinkles!

Having just come out of the winter months it’s common to find your skin appearing dull and feeling dry, tight and flaky. This is due to the lower humidity levels. The water in your skin also evaporates more quickly when the air outside is cold and dry.

Now try adding wearing a mask to all that!

Sadly, losing our ability to produce natural moisturising factors (NMFs), including hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, is just another effect of ageing.

You could bathe yourself in moisturisers and drink water until you’re not nervous to leave the house. Or you could take a much simpler route to achieving that youthful and elusive lit-from-within-ness. Simply have the moisture injected directly into your skin.

Diamonds are great but hyaluronic acid is definitely the modern-day version of a girl’s best friend. A slightly bloated best friend who can hold up to one thousand times its own weight in water. This is what makes it ideal for use in dermal fillers where a firm consistency product is used to restore volume loss.

Superboost however uses a much thinner consistency hyaluronic acid designed to attract and retain moisture rather than creating volume. This helps to replenish and maintain optimal hydration of your skin.

The thin consistency also enables it to be delivered through a tiny insertion point on each cheek. Using a cannula, the hyaluronic acid is distributed in a fan pattern to treat the surface of the mid-face, and part of the lower face. Delivering the hyaluronic acid directly into your skin, under the very top layer, where it can be best used to replenish natural hydration levels and encourage elastin and collagen production and deposition.

The result of the treatment is hydrated, glowing, smoother skin with improved moisturisation lasting for up to six months.

Super Boost will give your skin a radiance and smoothness that you will see you through the summer months. Bringing back that youthful smooth, dewy complexion so the makeup can be left in the drawer this summer!

The treatment takes 30 minutes, with one of our nurses and there is minimal discomfort and no downtime—one of our doctors even went to a wedding within a couple of hours of her treatment!

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