Atelier Oslo Architects Lars Petter Pettersen Cabin at Norderhov
Atelier Oslo Architects Lars Petter Pettersen Cabin at Norderhov

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Wooden Ribbon Paris Apartment Renovation Gabrielle Toledano Architects Yellowtrace


















Curved Walls
Gabrielle Toledano

Gabrielle Toledano designed the ribbon-like walls that curve their way through this Parisian Apartment. Toledano wanted to create a ‘light element’ that would create dimension and interest in the beautifully neutral home. The floors are of the timeless herringbone pattern, and the lighter wood walls provide a strong contemporary look and feel to enlighten the space. Toledano created a seamless design addition to the Parisian apartment, which is beautifully executed and provides a focal point to the already impressive space.

Padded Coat Wrap Collar

COS takes inspiration from art, design and architecture, and celebrates connections through unique collaborations. The Padded Coat with Wrap Collar is no exception to this, and is a cold-weather classic with a modern twist. To keep you that little bit warmer, this coat has a detachable collar that can be added and removed as you please, making it superbly versatile. This coat is a staple for the colder months.

Granada Table

Create an urban dining experience with this superbly built dining table, designed by Morten Georgsen. The solid pedestal base is slim to allow for more leg space, and the tabletop features a clever built-in extension leaf that takes the table from a four-seater to an eight-seater.

Metafisica Candle

Pierno Fornasetti was a versatile and eclectic Italian artist with a stellar creative flair that inspired many. Designed with the inquisitive nature of humankind in mind, the candle will fill your home with a delectable scent. After the candle has fully burnt, you are left with a decorative vessel.

Atelier Oslo Architects Lars Petter Pettersen Cabin at Norderhov
Wiggle Side Chair

From Matisse Designs, this side chair is sure to create interest in the home with its sculptural form, designed by architect Frank Gehry. Included in his furniture series ‘Easy Edges’, this chair involves the use of an everyday material: cardboard. With a relatively basic shape to the seat, the bottom holds all of the design with its curved edges to create additional shapes within your lounge setting. It will stand the test of time due to it being constructed with the exemplary skill of an architect and accommodates the comfort and durability that you desire.

Cabin Norderhov
Atelier Oslo

Cabin Norderhov by Atelier Oslo is a seasonal, eco-friendly retreat overlooking Lake Steinsfjorden. The layout of the home revolves around a central glass and metal fireplace that burns beneath a suspended mantel. The fireplace is surrounded by hexagon tiles cut from marble, which gives the area a modern focal-point. From a stunning feature in summer to a source for ultimate warmth and comfort in winter, this fireplace is simplistic but wonderfully designed, and is an inspiration for any home.

Shaina Mote Chiron Jacket











Nendo Mai Square Handle Handbag

Chiron Jacket
Shaina Mote

The Chiron Jacket is a timeless cropped jacket with wide sleeves and an oversized shawl collar that drapes effortlessly over the shoulders. It wraps beautifully around the body and ties to close with a belt. It comprises of 90% wool and 10% cashmere, making it warm for the colder months.

Mai Square Handle Handbag

The flat piece of leather is shipped to the customer, who then easily assembles it at home simply by pushing a few rivets through the pre-cut holes. The bag then transforms from a two-dimensional piece of leather to a three-dimensional functional bag.