Spring Bulbs | Garden Column

Spring is still a while away, but this is the perfect time to start thinking about what beautiful bursts of colour you want to have in your garden later this year. Announce spring in style with these bulb suggestions to suit any garden or bulb-planted pot.



Also sometimes known as a ‘windflower’, they pop up late winter to early spring. Provide a mass of early, delightful blooms.



Their ornate flowers pop up in early to mid-spring, and look incredible both in the garden and as cut flowers.



These gorgeous, sweetly scented blooms are fantastic both outside, in pots or inside in a hyacinth vase.



Coming in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, daffodils are the symbol of spring and new life. A must for any keen gardener.



Bold yet delicate, and regularly scented. Freesias are perfect for spring in a wide range of situations.



These elegant flowers on long slender stems brighten up any dull part of the garden with their stunning displays of colour.


Planting tips

Creating a whirlwind of vibrancy in your garden or patio for spring is easy. Simply plant your bulbs in free-draining soil with rich organic matter, if you have heavier soil add some compost and gypsum to help improve the soil. Plant the bulbs up in a slight mound if you are concerned about draining.


If you don’t have a lot of space, consider planting them in pots! Use the same free-draining potting mix or for best results, try using bulb mix!


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