8K - A New Era Of Home Entertainment

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8K – A New Era Of Home Entertainment

Tech giant Samsung is heading towards home entertainment perfection with its new ultra-premium QLED 8K television. Combining stunning 8K picture quality with sophisticated AI Upscaling and slick design, the Q900 QLED 8K range delivers optimal display conditions for sports fanatics, gamers and home entertainment aficionados alike.

For those of you that don’t know, 8K resolution equates to 7,680 × 4,320, or 33,117,600 pixels to be exact, instead of 3,840 × 2,160 which is 8,294,400 pixels for 4K, imagine four 4K TVs placed in a four-by-four grid.

AI Upscaling with the power of dynamic machine learning helps to enhance content while Direct Full Array Elite technology improves contrast and precisely controls backlighting. Although currently there is limited ‘native’ 8K content available, the Samsung 8K Quantum Processor recognises and calibrates lower resolution sources (streaming service, set-top box, HDMI, USB or even mobile), the result is Samsung’s most powerful TV to date.

Connected home ready, One Remote ensures quick and convenient access to compatible devices and services including Netflix, YouTube, Xbox and compatible soundbars. Each model comes equipped with smart capabilities for Samsung’s Smart Things and Bixby as well as integration with voice recognition based platforms Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Samsung’s 2019 range of televisions will also be the first in the country to have the new Spark Sport Smart TV app in-built.

The Kinetic Seat Concept

The Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept looks to redefine the very principles of car seats in the future.

In humans, the spine acts to stabilise the head, allowing the pelvis and chest to rotate in opposite directions and minimise the movement of the head, even while walking or jogging.

In order to recreate this movement in car seats, the seat cushion and backrest are designed to react kinetically to both the occupant’s weight and vehicle motion. Simply by sitting in the seat reduces head movement and stabilises the occupant’s field of vision.

The seat frame upholstery is a spider web-pattern that radiates from the centre. The net closely fits the shape of the body, spreading the weight evenly, so the driver can sit comfortably for longer.

The threads of the spider web-pattern are a synthetic fibre called Qmonos, from the Japanese word kumonosu,  meaning ‘spider web’. The main component is protein, created through microbial fermentation, and it is so strong that just a 1cm diameter web would be strong enough to stop a jumbo jet during takeoff or landing.

Geneva Labs Acustica Lounge

Handcrafted hi-fi Speaker with BLUETOOTH and LINE-IN

With specially tuned drivers and powerful class D amplifiers, the Acustica Lounge delivers true hi-fi sound, whatever kind of music is playing. Offering deep bass as low as 50Hz and a precise midsection that makes voices crystal clear, it delivers an exceptional sound even at the highest volume.

The Acustica Lounge is simple to use, with smartphone or tablet connection via Bluetooth, or you can plug in your turntable. No complex set-up or buttons – it just works. Also, using a Chromecast Audio dongle, you can hook the speaker up to your multi-room audio system and enjoy your favourite music throughout the house.

The real wood cabinet is finished with an eco-leather cladding, giving every speaker a unique exterior texture. The beautifully machined aluminium top provides contrast and features laser-engraved buttons that feel solid and satisfying to touch. It comes in a variety of colours too, black, white, cognac, or a red leather finish.


The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass is the first desktop holographic display. The Looking Glass relies on a unique patented combination of lightfield and volumetric display technologies, housed in a single three-dimensional display system that updates at up to 60 frames per second.

Whereas VR headsets only produce two 3D views of a virtual scene, the Looking Glass generates 45 unique simultaneous views. These views are encoded into a video signal that is sent to the Looking Glass. The display’s optics decode the video signal into a full-colour, superstereoscopic 3D scene. As your viewing angle changes, your eyes are exposed to different images, allowing multiple viewers to experience a 3D object as if it lives inside the display.

Image result for Slide - A Real-Life Hoverboard

Slide – A Real-Life Hoverboard

(Yes, you heard that correctly)

The SLIDE is a hoverboard that has been developed by Lexus. Constructed from an insulated core containing HTSLs (high-temperature superconducting blocks) that are then housed in cryostats—reservoirs of liquid nitrogen that cool the superconductors to -197°C. The SLIDE has been built to look and work in the same fashion as Marty McFly’s in the Back to the Future movie franchise. Well, almost.

Unfortunately, the SLIDE is unable to be used on any old skatepark (or sidewalk). The SLIDE must be placed above a special track containing permanent magnets that maintain the hover height of the board. Alas, at the moment, we’re stuck using Lime Scooters, but maybe one day…



(Fictitious but cool)

A Neuralyzer is a device seen in Men in Black (MIB) International. It is one of the team’s signature tools and considered standard-issue for those employed by the Men in Black. It is a device about the size of an average pen that emits a bright flash that erases the memories of the past hours, days, weeks, months or years, depending on the chosen settings. It puts the ‘target’ under a hypnotic state and making them susceptible to suggestion and implantation of false memories—particularly useful in keeping both the agency’s existence and the presence of aliens on Earth unknown to the public.