The Movement

Chic activewear has become a wardrobe staple for many of us during the Covid-19 pandemic and fabric technology has never made athleisure wear more appealing. Whether you need high-performance gear for a gym session or a yoga set to take you from workout to brunch – there is a sportswear label for you.
PRISM² Elated racerback low-impact sports bra | 6. PRISM² Awaken ribbed-jersey leggings

PRISM² Elated Racerback Low-Impact Sports Bra, PRISM² Awaken Ribbed-Jersey Leggings 


Since launching PRISM in 2009 with a collection of stylish yet functional eyewear, founder Anna Laub applies the same ethos to PRISM², a 10-year anniversary capsule of multifunctional sportswear, swimwear and underwear. Designed for a modern wardrobe, the collection combines comfort, functionality and a fashion-forward mindset with a focus on sustainability, styles are made in Italy using a seamless construction, ensuring minimal waste, then coloured through eco-friendly techniques. Inclusivity is at the heart of the brand, ensuring each design is a true fit for every body, for everyday wear. One size fits all.

Ernest Leoty Anais underwired stretch-jersey bodysuit

Ernest Leoty Anais Underwired Stretch-Jersey Bodysuit


Designed in France, using fabrics from Italian mills, made in Europe, Ernest Leoty takes their time to craft the perfect product. Priding themselves on fitness wear at the highest standard. With roots in nineteenth century Paris, when Maison Leoty was the city’s most fashionable corset maker. While most corsets constrained the body, Ernest Leoty corsets allow easy movement. Their smart cut and elasticity give women room to breathe. They are modern and technical for their time without compromising style.

Live The Process

Live The Process Geometric Legging, Live The Process Corset Bodysuit


Live The Process is ethically made in America by women who are dedicated to creating your high quality product. Our high standards of care for this creative process come from our dream to make the world a better place. Each piece not only looks beautiful and reflects a conscious lifestyle, but also allows you to perform at your best thanks to high-tech innovations like four-way stretch, breathability, heat reduction, moisture wicking and wind repellent fabrications.

woa Keyhole Bra in Caviar and Free Throw Full Length Legging

WOA Keyhole Bra and Free Throw Full Length Legging


WOA is an emerging young brand founded in New York in 2019. The driving force behind the brand’s identity is a passion to support a lifestyle driven by activity with the desire to feel really good while doing it. Wear One’s At was brought to life through the art of movement. Functionality that doesn’t try so hard. WOA supports a lifestyle driven by activity with the desire to feel really good while doing it.