The Strand Vet

We love Audrey Hepburn, not because she was stylish, sophisticated or posh, but because she was a humanitarian who believed “nothing was impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible'”. 


From inception, The Strand Veterinarian ‘Lady Logo’ symbolised the changing face of the veterinary profession.


A profession once stereotyped by James Harriot, our new look has evolved with over 80 percent of veterinary professional graduates being women. We multitask with family life, standing on resilient, determined legs, but see no harm in adding in a little classic Audrey-like charm, talent and elegance.


We know the company of animals cannot be overrated in this tumultuous world, especially for the next generation, as we face the social and environmental challenges of today. 


Both the mental and physical benefits of living with an animal companion are irrefutable. As an example, a recent study by the American Heart Organisation concluded dog owners are blessed with a 24 percent reduced risk of dying early and a 31 percent lower rate of death by heart attack or stroke compared to those living without a canine friend.  


Some of the best moments in my life, scratch that, all of the best moments in my life have been in the company of a dog (insert ‘cat’ here for cat fanciers). They protect, nurture and teach us lessons on compassion, helping us grow into the best person we can be.


Pondering the common denominator for our success, on the anniversary of our 10-year-old veterinary service, we can boil it down to every person who helped build our business in our past, present and, no doubt, future, had, have or will have a heart beat at their feet. 


We dedicate our journey (which to be fair has been a hard and bumpy road with plenty of steep inclines to navigate) to all of you who have loved and lost your best friend, put yourself in to their paws, allowed us to treat them as our own, or helped us dream big as we learnt from you how to be the best community service we can be.


Your aroha, the love we see between you every day, makes doing what we do a delight.



Words — Dr Megan Alderson  |  Photography — Jeffaloo