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Lily the dog

Billie’s Top 5 Tips for Canine

Osteoarthritis (OA)


  1. Prevent it! Injuries and structural abnormalities can predispose your dog to OA, but early intervention can greatly lessen the severity and development of it.



  1. Recognise it! Picking up the subtle signs of OA early allows time to slow the progression of the disease and start preventative treatments.



  1. Antinol! This all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement has shown amazing results in many of our OA patients in as early as 1-3 weeks.



  1. Keep them fit! Excess weight is the biggest enemy of arthritis, and will noticeably impact your dog’s quality of life.



  1. Check in! Working closely with your veterinary team ensures regular reassessment, review and adjustment of pain management and other treatment modalities.

Our community carer

The Strand Veterinarian (est. 2009), our locally owned and operated veterinary clinic has a driving vision—to grow talent. Their mission—a sustainable veterinary industry, in a time of critical shortage. Their heart project—to create career paths for veterinary professionals.

Billie Fletcher featured here with Ashton, running The OA Clinic at The Strand Veterinarian

Advances in pet care

With advances in veterinary medicine extending and saving animals’ lives, slip streaming veterinary specialists with The Strand’s ethos to ‘do what you would do if it was your animal’ has attracted a wealth of skills and knowledge to the now 20-strong team.



Pushing against the tide

Moving away from the financially-driven corporate-style practice, which now covers Auckland, to development of a health-driven model The Strand Vet’s team and patients’ environment is carefully considered and constantly reviewed. Happy, healthy joyful carers give better care to the four and two-legged guests.



Leading the way

TSV veterinary nurse-led programmes The Nutrition Consult (knowing the gut is the foundation of all health), The OA Clinic (for osteoarthritis sufferers and rehabilitating animals), The Dental Hygiene Clinic (over 80% of pets over the age of three years old suffer from dental disease) and complimentary Puppy, Kitten and Parasite Checks means owners, who wish their pets to thrive, can find the care and expertise they seek all under one roof (with plenty of indoor parking!).


These girls are the real deal, a voice for the voiceless and champions of building a close relationship, behind their consult room doors, for you and your beloved pet.



What does The Strand Vet say?

“Do we match? If you love them like we do….let the magic begin. Experience an extraordinary pet care service at ‘the little clinic with the BIG heart’.”

Located beside The Paddington on Kenwyn St, Parnell with indoor parking entrance from St Georges Bay Road.