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Refresh your living space with Kings gorgeous range of indoor plants. Bring the great outdoors in with trendy Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig or long-time favourite Maidenhair Fern. Enhance your sense of wellbeing with a beautiful Orchid and Peace Lily or add a splash of green with String of Pearls to instantly make your space look softer and more inviting.



With iconic split leaves the Monstera Deliciosa is a must for any indoor setting. Can live for many years, this plant is native to the tropics and prefers high humidity and filtered, indirect lighting. These houseplants have been incredibly popular in recent years and can be hard to get, so get in quick! Purchase your monstera here.



Also known as Snake plant or, the somewhat old fashioned name, Mother in Law’s Tongue. This succulent is easy to grow, requires little water, can be grown in a wide range of conditions, and generally looks amazing. For best results place in bright indirect light (though they will tolerate some sun) and allow to dry out between watering. Purchase the snake plant here.



A showy, elegant, creeping succulent. Easy to care for, these plants are so popular that a scramble often takes place when people realise that they are available. Given that it’s a succulent, make sure not to overwater this funky, fancy houseplant through too much care and attention. Once established they look stunning, especially when they grow enough to drape right around their pots. Happy in well-lit to sunny areas. Purchase String of Pearls here.



A little bit harder to care for than most of the other plants mentioned here. However, they are well worth the extra effort (which basically involves ensuring that the soil stays moist and doesn’t dry out) with their soft and attractive light green leaves. Maidenhair ferns also do especially well in well-lit bathrooms where humidity is high. Purchase the Maidenhair Fern in stores.



There are several orchids that can be grown to great effect indoors, but if you are just starting out you can’t go wrong with moth orchids (Phalaenopsis). Easy to care for, under the right conditions their flowers can last to more than 6 months. Happy in indirect sunlight and minimal watering needed. Purchase orchids online here.



Native to western Africa, growing in the rainforests of Cameroon to Western Sierra Leone, the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) has gone global and become one of the hottest houseplants around. Their large architectural leaves look stunning, and the plant itself is easy to care for.

For best results, grow in bright indirect light, water when the top inch of soil is dry (check by sticking your finger in to the soil), and fertilise once in spring and again in autumn with Kings Complete Houseplant Food. Purchase your Fiddle Leaf Fig here.



Beautiful, green foliage on elegant stalks, the Peace Lily is a popular choice when looking to buy a houseplant that also helps clear the air of toxins. Easy care and gorgeous white flowers makes these one of our customer favourites. Purchase the Peace Lily here.



Most calathea are incredibly attractive foliage plants, though the foliage of different species varies dramatically, from the narrow furry leaves of Calathea Rufibarba to the wide, glossy light green leaves of Calathea Orbifolia. A few species like Calathea Gekko also have incredibly attractive flowers.

Grows well in low light areas. Though can also be grown in brighter areas as long as they’re not in direct sunlight. Fairly low watering needs. Don’t allow the soil to completely dry out. Will require more water in summer than in winter. Feed every 3-4 weeks with Kings Fast Food Liquid Fertiliser to keep them happy and well fed. Purchase Calathea here.



This jurassic, prehistoric-looking plant thrives on neglect, and is known to be a great beginners house plant. More likely to be killed from being cared for, it’ll cope with a wide range of conditions indoors. This plant needs little water and can tolerate darker areas indoors where other indoor plants may be unhappy. Great for offices or dark bedrooms. Purchase a Zamioculcas here.



Easy to grow, slow growing houseplants that look great while helping filter toxins from the air. Grows best in light shade, though they can deal with a bit of direct sunlight. Fairly low watering needs. Don’t allow the soil to completely dry out. Will require more water in summer than in winter. Feed every 3-4 weeks with Kings Fast Food Liquid Fertiliser to keep them happy and well fed. Purchase a Dracaena here.




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