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TRUSCULPT 3D: The NEW Fat Destruction Technology that you will Love

Designed to target unwanted fat, the latest and greatest fat destruction device is here, and the results have been amazing so far!


ABOUT TruSculpt 3D

TruSculpt 3D is the newest advancement in circumferential reduction and nonsurgical body sculpting. Offering up to 24% fat thickness reduction in a SINGLE treatment, this new technology attacks stubborn fat up to half-an-inch beneath the skin’s surface. The treatment works to heat the fat up to 45 degrees, therefore destroying the fat cells, allowing the body to naturally expel them post-treatment. This new treatment is available exclusively in New Zealand with Dr Frances Pitsilis at SKINFRESH clinic.



Why is it so effective?

TruSculpt 3D utilises a ‘closed-loop’ temperature feedback — the only system on the market to feature this mechanism.



What’s involved in a TruSculpt 3D Treatment?

With most treatments taking under an hour, a TruSculpt 3D session can be completed in your lunch break. With zero prep or downtown required, this anaesthetic-free treatment is pain-free.


The treatment involves a handheld device which heats up against the skin to a comfortable temperature. The operator will lightly glide the device over the area being treated — some patients have likened this sensation to a hot stone massage.


The benefits of this treatment in comparison to fat freezing technology and its competitors is that there is no downtown, no pain, and no sighted side-effects to date.



When will I see results?

After your treatment, your body will work to rid itself of these newly destroyed fat cells. Your body’s immune system will work to break down these cells and flush them out. The rate that this occurs at will vary from person to person. Circumferential reduction will be visible around 6-8 weeks post-treatment with the final results visible after three months.



Who is TruSculpt 3D for?

While your consultation with your technician will ultimately determine your suitability, this device is recommended for those who suffer from stubborn fat pockets and ‘trouble spots’. For example, the TruSculpt 3D shows to make significant improvements on those with excess fat on their stomachs and flanks — with an average of 24% fat loss shown on a group of women who participated in a recent study. Typically, appropriate patients have a BMI less than 30.



About Skinfresh

Dr Frances Pitsilis is the founder and medical director of Skinfresh Clinic in Milford, and you will recognise her as the integrated medical doctor and radio and television personality on the television show Is Modern Medicine Killing You?


With 37 years of experience in medicine and a special interest in wellbeing and appearance medicine, Dr Frances is now considered an advanced facial injector. At Skinfresh Clinic Dr Frances uses CUTERA’s medical-grade laser and light machine, as well as the latest TruScupt 3D technology and is assisted by her three laser/medical nurses. The clinic takes a holistic attitude to appearance and the team understand that for the outside to look good, you also need to look after the inside; appearance medicine flows from a wellness programme that has its basis in good health, lifestyle, diet and stress management.


Skinfresh Clinic
2A Dodson Ave, Milford, Auckland
09 486 0030 /

Dr Frances Pitsilis
Medicine, MB BS (Mon), Dip Obst, Dip Occup Med, FAARM, ABAARM, FRNZCGP