Two Amazing Realities Collide | Samuel Levi and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup

These two powerhouse personalities, Samuel Levi and Camilla Sacre Dallerup are extraordinary individuals.


You certainly recognise Samuel as one of the breakout stars from Married at First Sight NZ, and Camilla as the talented head judge on Dancing With The Stars NZ, but what do the two really have in common? 


Well, how about the their huge love and gratitude for their friendship? Their willingness to help others and the care they provide for those around them? Two strong-minded individuals, brought together for a reason.


Camilla, a successful life coach, hypnotherapist and bestselling author, will release her third book, It’s Not You It’s Me, later this year, in her hometown of Los Angeles.


It’s amazing having a like-minded individual like Samuel as a close friend, doing what he does,” says Camilla. “He can help me learn a lot when it comes to the online world, how to position myself and make my next book a number one selling hit again. He just gets me, and it’s epic!”


Samuel has started his own boutique social media agency since his recent stint on national television, and is now based between Melbourne, Auckland and soon, LA. He insists that if it wasn’t for Camilla, he wouldn’t have had the confidence or right mindset to pursue the move. He’s excited about the unknown.


The pair laugh about how they met in 2018 through mutual friend Julz Tocker, another judge on Dancing With The Stars, and immediately hit it off. Samuel and Camilla spent some time in LA earlier this year, where Camilla persuaded Samuel to take his first ever hypnotherapy class. During his visit, he learnt a lot about himself through Camilla’s life coaching and mediation business.


“She really helped me through some strange times to say the least,” say Samuel. “She always had my back, and gave me that kick up the butt I needed to boost my confidence in showing the world what I can do.”


The pair will be in Los Angeles later this year for the launch of Camilla’s new book. Could we even see them appearing on the show together next year? Time will tell.


Photographer — Kevin Sacre  |  Studio — Kingsize Studio

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