Liz, who has been with W&H for 14 years, with her daughters Jemma and Maddi.

Verve meets Liz Yarrall, marketing manager of Walker & Hall

To celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children,  iconic New Zealand jewellery house, Walker & Hall, invited team members to bring their children or their mum to a beautiful Mother’s Day photoshoot. Each mum was asked to select a piece of jewellery they’d be proud to hand down for generations to come.

Verve caught up with marketing manager, Liz Yarrall, to find out more.


You are a working mum, with two gorgeous wee daughters. Can you expand on your role at Walker & Hall, and any tips and tricks about making life as a working mother easier?

My role at Walker & Hall is working across marketing and operations, supporting our team members to create memorable and seamless experiences for our customers. I love my job, and the Walker & Hall family, so the main challenge of being a working mum for me is feeling like I am missing out on time with my girls. Loving what I do means it can be hard to switch off, so I try to leave my phone on silent in my bag from when I get home until they are in bed, so I can be fully present and focussed on the girls for the short time we do have together.


The Walker & Hall Mother’s Day promotion is a special one. Can you tell us more?

Yes! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to invite some of our very own Walker & Hall family mums together for a wonderful day with a bit of pampering and then having these gorgeous family photos taken by the amazing Adam Bryce. Each mum got to choose a favourite piece of jewellery to wear and then we complemented that with even more amazing jewels!


Tanzanite & Diamond Snowflake ring

Tell us about the piece of jewellery you chose—and why you were drawn to it?

I chose the Tanzanite and Diamond Snowflake Ring. Being a snowflake means this ring is unique in its composition and another one will never be made – I love that it is one of a kind and feel that makes it truly special. This ring is also from our Artemis collection which means the stones were hand-selected by our managing director and gemmologist, Joe Tattersfield, for whom I have so much respect. He has always been a huge inspiration for me. I know firsthand how many gems he looks at before he makes a selection, so there is no doubt they are exceptional.


Which pieces did your colleagues choose and what made those pieces special for them?

Amazing Ali works with me in the marketing team and she chose the stunning diamond Jubilee bracelet. Inspired by her grandmother who gave Ali her first silver bangle, she could always be heard by the jingling of her own bracelets. She says the Jubilee is elegant and exquisite just like her nan, bless! Joyce and I have been working together for nearly a decade now and she chose the Guiding Light locket because she loves that you can keep a special memory inside and always close to her heart. She is a working mum too, so I bet she would add a photo of her gorgeous son. 


Reflections necklace sterling silver

Please share some tips and tricks such as about what to consider when purchasing a stunning piece of jewellery from Walker & Hall for a loved one.

When you are buying jewellery for someone special, you should consider what they already wear and love and try to complement that. Knowing what colour metal they prefer is a great place to start. Finding a piece that has a meaning which represents how you feel, like our Entwined collection which symbolises an unbreakable bond can make it extra special for the recipient. Also, personalising a piece with an inscription can really elevate the connection. 


What do you believe makes the Walker & Hall experience unique?

I think we are so lucky to still be a family owned business, and our culture throughout the stores really reflects this. We all treat each other like one big family, including our customers! Integrity is the cornerstone for everything we do and we truly believe that every piece is like a gift from our family, quality pieces and honest advice is what we are all about. 


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