Looking After Your Skin This Winter

With the cooler weather, still upon us give your skin the extra attention it needs to avoid dry skin. When the air outside becomes cool and dry over winter, skin cells are unable to maintain their optimal water content. This causes them to shrivel and become tight leading to dry patches which can be rough to the touch, and flaky or red in appearance.


Avoid dry skin by following these skin care tips this winter.



  • Shower using warm as opposed to hot water and try to limit your showers to 5-10 minutes
  • Pat yourself dry with a towel as opposed to rubbing
  • Reduce water loss through the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) by applying moisturiser immediately after drying your skin to lock in your skin’s natural moisture



  • Use a gentle cleanser when washing your face to allow your skin to retain its natural acid mantle (the thin oil layer your skin naturally produces). This usually means opting for a cream or oil cleanser instead of a gel or foaming cleanser
  • Use a cream to moisturise your skin that contains natural oils which allow the moisturiser to be absorbed into the skin and past the epidermis which is mostly made up of dead skin cells.
  • Keep your moisturiser with you in your handbag so you can reapply during the day if needed


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Words: Stephanie Farquhar
Beautico Skincare
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