Women in Business: Dr Ellen Selkon of Clinic 42

In this edition of Women in Business we chat to Dr Ellen Selkon of Clinic 42 to talk about how she is tackling the lockdown.


What’s changed about your business?

Well our cosmetic business, Clinic 42, is closed at the moment as deemed non-essential, although we are still getting daily phone calls where people disagree with the ‘non-essential’ part! I am therefore full-time at our Urgent Care/GP clinic in west Auckland, where we have 40 staff. We have completely redeveloped the business into urgent care and have two portable units outside that are for Covid-19 testing where we see all unwell and respiratory patients. All our staff have had to undergo intensive training in personal protective equipment, how to triage patients to keep well patients completely separate, and learn how to consult via zoom and telephone, which has been interesting. It’s amazing how much you can still do.



Do you see coming out of this with a better idea of changes you wish to make to your business?

The one thing I have realised is to not be afraid of change. We have been through so much change over the past four weeks and I would like to think managed it extremely well. The second thing is that our staff has been amazing at both clinics. Some of our wonderful nurses from Clinic 42 are now working at our Westgate Clinic doing primary care nursing and are giving it their all! I have also learnt more about employment law, financial aspects of business, tax implications and the like than any doctor should ever have to know. However, I am hoping it will make me a stronger leader in the future.


How are you handling all this extra time at home?

I actually haven’t had that much time at home, but what I have had has been fabulous. Kitchen drawers are tidy and so is my closet!



Soundtrack of choice whilst working at home?

I use Spotify through Alexa and listen to ‘female artists – easy listening’ while working. I find it really soothing and good for my concentration.


What’s for breakfast?

A smoothie with fruit and yoghurt, maybe some nuts and at least two cups of coffee!


Where do you like to get your news from?

I’m a bit of a news junkie, so I periodically watch on my phone, TV1, Stuff and Newshub as well as overseas – BBC and Sky News Australia.


Walk the dog or downward dog?

Pat the cat and I have also done a few of the Les Mills Body Balance.


Working at home, what’s for lunch?

Poached eggs, and avo on toast is my go-to.



Lockdown larder essentials you can’t do without?

Arpeggio Nespresso pods and Vogel’s bread.


A glass of something to keep you sane?

Zoom drinks with a G&T (Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree tonic) or a glass of sav on the balcony.


Dinner venue you can’t wait to get back to, post lockdown?

Cibo in Parnell, best service in Auckland!


Evening beauty or betterment routine?

Vitamin ABC skincare from Synergie and I try and do a home peel or mask twice a week.


Your look for working at home. What do you like to wear to get into the mood?

Very casual, gym gear, track pants, jeans and shirt – whatever is comfortable.


Least favourite thing about working from home?

Miss the social aspect of work at C42 – clients and staff.


For more information about Clinic 42 please visit: clinic42.co.nz