Wondermins | Vitamins Made For You

Ready for the future of vitamins? Local company Wondermins is set to revolutionise the way you buy supplements, with daily vitamin packs personalised to your needs and conveniently delivered to your door.


At the heart of the system is the Wondermins Prescription Engine. Just answer some simple questions online about your health goals and lifestyle. It’s free and there is no obligation.


The Prescription Engine takes into account a huge variety of factors including age, sex, current nutrition, dosage, slow and fast release nutrients, contra-indications (or vitamins that don’t work well together) and vitamins that work best together.


All-in-all, the sophisticated algorithm sorts through many millions of combinations to arrive at just one recommendation that’s right for you. Add or remove as you see fit, and your personalized packs get delivered to your door each month.


You can adjust or cancel at any time, with free shipping on orders over $40. And if your health needs change, just run a new test and update your order for the next month.


30% discount off during launch month  – code verve30


Taking an evidence-based approach to every recommendation, Wondermins sources the best possible nutrients direct from suppliers around the world and only those backed with scientific or research support, providing you with information on whether the research is extensive, emerging or if a product is a traditional remedy.


The bespoke, direct-to-you service also saves you time and money, with less wastage, no unnecessary trips to the store, and no middleman, commissions or kickbacks, meaning savings sometimes of up to 30 percent less than pharmacy.


Doctors don’t prescribe the same solution for everyone, so why rely on mass marketed multi-vitamins now that there’s a smarter way?


Just think, no more forgetting which pills to take or buying supplements you don’t really need. Just smart, personalised, practitioner quality nutrients that save you time and money.