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We all desire a youthful looking face, but, what does that mean? Youthful faces have more rounded cheeks, a smooth jawline, good volume in the lips, smooth temples and minimal under eye hollowing. Can we get this back once we’ve lost it?

Yes you can – with Clinic 42’s WOW treatment.


While some people like to come in and see their cosmetic physician and have a little tweak at a time, others have a big event coming up or wish to have their youthful features returned in one go. If the latter is you, then you may be interested in the WOW treatment.


The WOW treatment is where we will do a full facial assessment. We grade you on a facial assessment scale that has been used and standardised around the world to determine what areas need treatment to give you that fabulous result that you are looking for.

Before  |  After

Lips: Before  |  Lips: After

We are aware that treating certain areas with dermal filler requires a significant amount of product to get a result and therefore we, at Clinic 42 are providing you with a result. Some people may require up to 6-8ml of hyaluronic acid dermal filler to treat the full face in order to get that WOW result. Remember that a teaspoon is 5ml, so really this is not a huge amount. The most common areas that are treated are cheeks, lips, jawline, chin, temple and jowls.


Surgery is not for everyone, it also doesn’t always address the volume loss of ageing. Volume loss starts in our 30s and progresses as we age with significant volume loss occurring in our 50s and 60s. Weight loss can also result in significant facial volume loss and can be ageing. In order to wind back the clock, we need to start with the upper face, moving down to the mid-face or cheek area and lastly treat the jawline and jowls. By treating all of these areas you can regain the curves of youth that result in you not only looking good, but feeling good too!

Cheeks: Before  |  Cheeks: After

True Lift: Before  |  True Lift: After

The WOW treatment is performed by our skilled Cosmetic Physicians, Dr Ellen Selkon, Dr Lynn Theron and Dr Joanna Romanowska. All of these experienced doctors train other healthcare practitioners in dermal filler techniques and safety, so you can always rest assured you are in good hands.


At Clinic 42 we will always keep you looking fresh, healthy and natural so if you would like to book in for the WOW treatment, contact us on 09 638 4242 to make an appointment.


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