10 Minutes with Jackie O’fee

Your styling philosophy?

I really think that my goal when working with my clients is to help them make the most of what God gave them. As in, to look and feel as good as they can based on their colouring and shape. So that’s not dressing them the same as everyone else nor is it being a walking example of “what’s in fashion right now” if it doesn’t suit them.  


Essential items – wardrobe staples?

Garments that make you look and feel great – the go to pieces you have that you just feel great in, be it a dress, a great pair of pants or whatever.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Loads of online inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, fashion websites, fashion magazines, great style I might see walking down the street.


What is the biggest misconception people not working in your field have about your job?

That it must be so much fun spending other people’s money. It is definitely a fun role but it’s also a big responsibility. Not every client is easy to dress, not every budget is generous – it takes work to get a great outcome.


What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far?

So many! Working on stage and doing all the behind the scenes styling with Gok Wan, training a team to dress the 5200 Air New Zealand staff in their Trelise Cooper uniforms, being a Style Presenter on the Good Morning show and working with loads of lovely clients who really just make every day a bit special. 


What challenges do you have as a stylist?

Not buying all the lovely things I see!


How would you describe your personal style?

I’d like to think it’s a little eclectic although if I’m honest, I do favour a slightly ‘pretty’ aesthetic. That said, I love to do a bit of rock and roll edgy one day and a floaty, whimsical look the next.


What is your favourite item in your closet?

Usually the last thing I bought! I do have a few favourite items that I have kept for years and can’t bear to part with; one that springs to mind is an amazing shirt dress that I bought second-hand at Hunters and Collectors in Wellington. It’s by Marjan Pejoski who is the designer behind Bjork’s famous swan dress. 


Everyone loves a good deal, what are some of your favourite places (physical or web based) to find budget buys?

Designer secondhand stores are great places to find pieces that may be scarcely or never worn and buying this way is good for the environment. I am a total sucker for sales – I think a lot of great garments that don’t have ‘hanger appeal’ end up on sale racks. Clothes are made for bodies, so try them on. I am also a bit of an “add to cart” girl when it comes to Net a Porter’s sale or their outlet site “The Outnet” but I need to be pretty keen to ‘proceed to checkout’.


What items do you feel are worth splurging on?

The things you wear a lot: if you’re a jeans gal, buy good jeans. If you need to wear a jacket at work, buy a great jacket. Cheap can often look cheap and if you feel you’ve compromised you won’t have a good day.

Jackie O’Fee is the owner of leading personal style consultancy Signature Style. She’d love to help you simplify your wardrobe to make getting dressed each day super-easy. Further detail can be found on her website signaturestyle.co.nz or give her a call 09 529 5115