Jaimee Lupton
Jaimee Lupton

A Day In The Life Of MONDAY Co-founder Jaimee Lupton

7 am

I wake about 7am, and despite knowing better, usually check emails first so I can get a jump on anything pressing that has come in overnight from our teams overseas. I make a green tea and an oat milk banana smoothie, always with some Dose & Co. collagen powder — I love the Vanilla Collagen Creamer. Then I shower and wash my hair (my combo is MONDAY’s Smooth Shampoo + Repair Conditioner) and do a quick blow dry, skincare and SPF, then a bit of makeup. It’s a well-honed routine that takes me 20 minutes. 

8 am

Being in Auckland, I love that I can get a couple of hours of quiet in before everyone in Sydney wakes up and our global MONDAY chat starts going off — a healthy mix of work chat and memes. I usually listen to a podcast on the way to the office, like How I Built This with Guy Raz. (I just re-listened to Whitney Wolfe’s episode, after Bumble’s massive IPO!) Because of the time zone, most days I’ll have a call first up with either the US or UK — typically someone on our team, an agency or retailer there. 

MONDAY Product
1 pm

My work days are a blur of emails, Zoom calls and meetings, and I work pretty collaboratively (and constantly) with my team. Having any kind of structure is pretty pointless, because I have to be so flexible and jump on whatever needs my attention at any given moment. Running a business really is about fixing problems. A lunch break is basically a non-existent term for me, but for two hours each week I’ll put in a fake meeting to go do something just for myself, whether it’s pilates, lunch with a friend, or a facial.

6 pm

I’ll walk our French bulldog Frankie before dinner. I’m not a big cook, but my partner Nick and I always debrief on the day and discuss how we can improve as a team — both professionally and personally (we work together, so work talk usually wins till the wee hours). Then I might wind down with a bit of Bridgerton — I’m obsessed.

10 pm

This should be my bedtime, but in reality it’s about 12.30am as I’m working across multiple time zones. We’re in a big growth phase at the moment having just launched into the US and Canada (and setting our sights elsewhere…) One day my bedtime will be on the right side of midnight.