Nadia Els
Nadia Els

A Day In The Life Of Nadia Els, Marketing Manager at Syrene Skincare


I love starting work early, especially if I’m heading into the office so I can focus in a quiet space. I set my alarm early for the days I work in the office.


About 2-3 times a week, I’ll start my day with a Reformer Pilates workout before work. I always feel so good after a class. Because I sit in front of a computer for a lot of my work, I can always feel when my body needs a good stretch! Reformer Pilates has changed my life, and I’m a little obsessed. It’s definitely a moment where I can zone out, and focus on only me. I also always complete my morning skincare routine to set me up for the day. I feel more awake when my skin is fresh and I can then face anyone with confidence.

Aqua Hydrating Masque
Coffee at The Grange


Caffeine comes next – my favourite time of day. I just absolutely love it, not only the taste but I think it’s also the ritual. That first sip instantly sets me up for the day and I often go for a second, around 10-11am when I’m in brainstorm mode.


I’m a morning person when it comes to work, so I tend to get strategy and writing work done while I’m sipping on my coffee. I also prefer scheduling meetings before lunch as a meeting over coffee is the best. Since lockdown, our team has been working from the office a couple days a week and the other days from home. When we’re all in the office, I’ve focused this time with my team to catch up. We all work really closely and hard together. Now that we’re the first Kiwi brand to have launched into Mecca, we’re constantly brainstorming creative ideas to further grow Syrene as a global brand.


No two days are the same for me at Syrene HQ. I work really closely with our marketing assistant, Annalise. She’s like a little sister to me. We love to work on photoshoots together and create fun mood boards during brainstorming sessions. We’re both very particular and attention detail is key, so we spend our time going over very important details that make all the difference in our marketing campaigns. Now that we’ve launched online with Mecca, up next is working on the marketing plan for when we launch into stores in August.

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We often do photoshoots in the afternoons to catch the beautiful sunlight in our content. I love seeing written ideas turn into beautiful images! If we don’t have a shoot planned, I’ll often spend the afternoons researching and planning new ideas to implement and before lockdown, there were many exciting trips to Australia too as we continue growing Syrene globally.


I’m a very organised person and love a good list. Late afternoons, I tend to go through ticking off my to do list from the day as well as writing priority lists for the following day including personal life admin that I need to get done.


As soon as I get home, I get myself ready for the evening starting with my evening skincare routine. There’s no better feeling than cleansing the makeup and oils off my face after a busy day in the office or out and about at a shoot or meetings. I start with a double cleanse with the Syrene Aquagel Oil to Foam Cleanser, it’s a great makeup remover, then I go in with the Aquagel Refreshing Toner to remove any excess residue. A couple of nights a week, I’ll apply the Aqua Hydrating Masque to sleep in, my skin drinks it up in these cooler months! I then pour a glass of red.


This is usually the time I sit down to have dinner and relax. Because I look at a screen all day and am very active on social media for work, I tend to get a bit drained from looking at devices! SInstead I sometimes bring out my clay and create ceramic pieces after dinner or in the weekends.