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Verve magazine has an estimated readership of 60,000, and is distributed free every month to 18,000 selected homes, businesses and baskets in and around central Auckland’s highest-socio economic areas, including Parnell, Remuera, Newmarket, Epsom, Herne Bay and select parts of Mt. Eden, Glendowie, Kohimarama, and Orakei. Verve’s online presence is alive and well too, with each week over 17,000 subscribers receive an electronic copy of Verve in their inbox.


  • Verve is an independent New Zealand-owned monthly lifestyle magazine with a reputation that continues to expand. Advertising placed in Verve will give your business great exposure. It is guaranteed that your advertisement will reach its target high-socio economic audience.
  • Verve Magazine has longevity. Magazines get shared and passed on in households and among friends. Check out your own coffee table: some of those magazines might have been hanging around for several years!
  • Verve’s articles/editorials are written by professional, experienced journalists and writers, all enhanced, wherever possible, with striking, attractive images.
  • Verve covers are renowned for their wow-factor and for giving unbeatable exposure to advertisers with tangible feedback and increased enquiries.
  • Verve provides unique strategies to drive traffic to your online marketing. That is, each edition of Verve is available online in e-book format, with advertisements hyperlinked to their corresponding websites. The reader, when scrolling over the advertisement/advertorial will be given the option to navigate directly to the advertiser’s website.
  • It’s widely understood that readers/consumers are receptive to print. People remember effective print ads. In fact, magazine ads have the second highest receptivity of any media, second only to television.*
  • Nothing makes a brand stand out more than a beautiful advertisement in a glossy magazine. A well-designed advertisement is an engaging experience for readers.
  • Verve readers are focussed. It’s hard to engage in other media when you’re reading a magazine like Verve. In the world of multitasking — where people are constantly texting, e-mailing and using their smart phones — it’s hard to get noticed. But it’s challenging to do anything else when you’re reading a magazine! In fact, according to a survey done by Ball State University, USA, magazines are the exclusive or primary medium 85% of the time whilst being read by consumers.
  • Readers trust Verve — messages to your consumers have a lot more worth when they are in print. Messages can be published, edited, erased and syndicated all in a matter of a few minutes on the web — not so in print. In conjunction with the web’s ease of publishing, many have become increasingly skeptical of what they read online. Although print doesn’t have a flawless reputation, people, for many reasons, still put more faith in messages they see in print than online.
  • A recent MPA survey concluded that 77% of consumers purchased a product after seeing or reading about it in a magazine.

We are passionate about Verve, whilst always working for our advertisers. We embrace all social media, including Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in order to enhance their business.


Let’s Talk!

For more information, deadlines, distribution dates, pricing and ad specs please contact Fran & Jude on the Verve office telephone: 09 520 5939 or contact them below:

Fran Ninow
021 953 577
Jude Mitchell
021 953 853


What Our Advertisers & Readers Think!

“I’ve received a number of inquiries – many more than I anticipated!” – Dr Sharon Walt from Healthy Living with Dr Sharon.

“We’ve had a great response so may not even need the post up for the full 48 hours.” – Westfield Newmarket/Scentre Group regarding social media posted on Verve online outlets.


“It’s unbelievable – I am receiving calls from my advertising in Verve Magazine. So far I have received eight calls, four are definites, two are meet and greet only and the other two want to meet and discuss. So very grateful – print advertising works!” – Maria from Easy Airbnb


“Hi there Verve ladies, Just wanted to let you know I had my first visit from a customer after reading the article on Friday as I was about to close up for the day and then was inundated on Saturday. Was a huge day. Today (my day off) I went out and while I was away, I had 5 groups of people come and knock on my door after reading the advert !! Totally didn’t expect it but was obviously pleased. I expect this week to be busy!” – Coco Hills


“Thanks for the extra mags. They have arrived and been claimed by various clients. I’ve had great response so I’m thrilled.” – Grant X


“Just writing to say what an excellent magazine in May with the interesting articles about Fawad Ahadi, how we would ever know about the journey that this chap is on, do keep us up to date. Also the Joshua Becker, Addicted to endorphins, More than just a mentor, Abel Tasman weekend, you certainly covered a cross section of very interesting articles, keep it up. Will keep my eye out for next months edition.” – Verve reader, Glenn Beattie


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