Alberts Workspaces
Alberts Workspaces


A new breed of workspace for the SME market launches in Auckland

Alberts is redefining the way we work in the heart of Auckland City. Their vision of aspirational workspaces with flexible lease terms, shared meeting rooms and onsite hospitality centred around New Zealand’s first private tenant’s club is well timed as the global pandemic lockdowns impact the way businesses operate.

Alberts Workspaces

Across a portfolio of currently five properties in Auckland’s downtown precinct, Alberts aims to offer entrepreneurs, business leaders, creators and innovators environments they need to thrive and succeed in a rapidly changing world. 


We chat with the Chairman of Alberts, Andrew Saunders, to learn more about his vision for Alberts, a workplace reimagined and how Alberts is changing the way we look at workspaces.

Alberts Workspaces
Alberts Workspaces
We so enjoy your branding and the emphasis you have placed on your key messaging. Can you comment on the Alberts brand and how you believe it distinguishes you from your competitors?

We researched the market, understood the data and developed Alberts for our market. In short, we listened and hopefully delivered. We chose to be proactive about what we offer tenants instead of being stuck in a traditional landlord-tenant model. We simply did the work and listened to our target market.


Will you be repeating the Alberts formula in other work hubs in New Zealand?

Yes, there are logical next steps for Alberts, however we are still relatively new and taking our first steps.

Andrew, tell us about Alberts?

Alberts brings together the components that create workplace culture, inspirational workspaces, technology and great hospitality. When a company seeks office space, it can be a daunting choice of empty soulless spaces. Alberts changes that approach by providing a more comprehensive solution at a reasonable cost. We understand the importance of allowing a business to focus on its business and through this, Alberts and our customer can progress together. We do the background work to create aspirational workspaces for our tenants, so they can simply focus on their business.


What problem do you believe Alberts solves?

We weren’t looking to solve a problem per se, we were looking to provide a new opportunity for SMEs. We provide a different way for SME businesses to work more efficiently, both in a human sense and economically. If our tenants grow, then we are on the journey with them.


How do you feel that Alberts addresses the changing face of the workplace and challenges brought on by the pandemic?

Covid accelerated change, it did not create the change. Zoom and 5G are examples of tech-driven change, then add to this that tenants have been wanting change for a long time, for example, with the emergence of the lobby coffee shop and improved food options. If building owners ignore workplace evolution that is their choice, but tenants want more and have demonstrated a willingness to pay for the more. Alberts reflects the changes that were already occurring, and it happens that Alberts is the right model in the Covid world – aspirational workspaces for those who work remotely and workspaces that encourage the trip in to collaborate with your team, all supported by the Alberts community, tech and hospitality.


Alberts Workspaces
Do you see Alberts as a sort of traditional workplace disruptor? 

Workplace evolution is a constant. Covid accelerated change to a model which I think will be positive for workplace culture. Remote or home working is here to stay, so the key is how we adjust to the concept of nodal working. Collaborative workspaces are an important part of learning. Creativity and interaction will remain, but workspaces will be much more immersive, experience driven and have some amazing technology.


In your view, what are the top five reasons to sign up with Alberts?

Aspiration, success, happiness, flexibilty and growth — a great place to be.


I have a small business. Are you able let me know why Alberts would be good for me?

As a small business your two biggest fixed expense issues are HR and rent.

Alberts helps with staff retention, as when your team has access to workspaces that have great design, are modern, well-located and provide regular events and opportunities to engage with other likeminded businesses, the prospect of coming into work becomes more appealing.

When it comes to rent, we believe our offer is competitive relative to the traditional leasing model and likely have much less impact on your balance sheet.


Do you have flexible leasing options?

Yes, we do. Give Alberts a call, our leasing manager would be more than happy to talk you through the options available. This can be accommodated by contacting the GM of leasing, Kylie Metzener, via [email protected] or 027 304 2010.


There will be a members club, and will boardrooms and meeting rooms be available for all tenants to book?

Yes, we have some fantastic space available and encourage anyone interested in leasing space at Alberts to make a time to come and see it.


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