Best Spas | Verve Best In Beauty 2020

Here are the Best Spas in Verve Best In Beauty 2020.

White Spa

Relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue with a float session at White Beauty Spa and Float Lounge. Experience the ultimate in relaxation and healing—Floatation rest restricts or eliminates all of the external stress-factors or stimuli that normally affects us every day. We are often not consciously aware of it but this can take up to 95% of our physical and mental energy. Reward your body and mind with floatation therapy on a regular basis and feel renewed and revitalised.

Chuan Spa

Chuan Spa is a modern retreat located at Cordis Auckland. In Chinese, chuan means flowing water. As the source of life, water represents the re-birth and rebalancing of our whole being. At Chuan Spa guests are provided with a journey to wellness combining superior service with holistic treatments that nurture, heal and restore. The contemporary Oriental designed spa creates an opulent retreat from the chaos of the outside world. Providing individual and dual treatment services, a heated outdoor pool and spa pool combined with saunas, herbal steam rooms, ice experiences and snail showers. Chuan Spa Auckland is a haven of holistic, luxurious spa experiences. Combine this with exclusive treatments and exceptional service and you will leave refreshed, relaxed and totally rejuvenated.
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