Lupines on the shore of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Lupines on the shore of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Blooming Wonderful | 5 Great Places in the world to Enjoy Spring Wildflowers

Wildflowers hold an unpredictable nature, weather dependant yet often self-sufficient in their spread. They’re a beauty to behold and a natural photographer’s bread and butter. Spring is undoubtedly the best time to get out in nature, and while we may be bound by borders for now; we can still go on wanderlust travels through our national backyard (or Pinterest and plan for future flights). With that in mind, here are some of the world’s most wondrous wildflowers:


Kuju Park

With over 500 varieties of wildflower in every conceivable colour, Kuju park is breathtaking to say the least. The flowers bloom throughout the seasons aside from winter, but the spring months yield the most stunning results from the plethora of petals. Located at the base of the Kuju Mountains, the 49 acres promise a stunningly surreal adventure.

The Blue Forest

Thickly blanketed in bluebells from spring to summer, this magical forest has been a popular attraction for hundreds of years. The violet to blue swathes of flowers, contrast the tall thin ancient trees. Depending on the weather, you can experience a mythical mist blended between the florals and foliage, or a bright ‘fairy-tale ending’ like landscape.


Lake Tekapo/Takapō
New Zealand

If you have a friend who’s done the South Island road trip, you’ve no doubt seen these stunning purple, pink, blue and yellow flowers framing their Instagram shots. The most prominent pictures of the Lake Tekapo/Takapō Lupins are of them layered before the water and mountain ranges. However, there are plenty of fields filled with the flora around the area, perfect for you to fawn over. Although they bloom in the warmer seasons, November-December are their peak bloom period.


Namaqualand Daisies
South Africa

This orange ocean of untended daisies is a rare addition to the desert they inhabit. Although upon closer inspection you’ll find a pointillism effect of yellow, white and purple daisies blending in as well. Because of the dry conditions, the daisies only bloom between the second week of August to early September. Although, this can be unpredictable as rain seasons fluctuate. The illusive daisies also only open up from the morning till afternoon.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park  USA

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Nicknamed ‘wildflower national park’ due to its 1500 varieties of plant species, this park is renowned for its vibrant untamed beauty. While North America has numerous national parks filled to the brim with wildflowers, Great Smoky has such a diverse collection that you’ll find something beautiful no matter when you go. The park hosts a ‘Wildflower Spring Pilgrimage’ annually, which gives guests a chance to see the rarer species like the lady slipper orchid or dwarf iris.