Bohzali Vintage Meets Contemporary Style

Bohzali prides itself on sourcing Moroccan rugs from specialist artisans to suit contemporary homes and modern spaces, adding personality and comfort without sacrificing sophistication. 

Transporting the idea of Middle Eastern rugs from ‘ragged’ to riches, Bohzali takes the best of the rich artisan history, bold colourways and lush materials to create one-off pieces that bring a layer of cohesiveness to any room setting they feature in. 


Founded in 2017, Bohzali was born out of a passion for travel and interiors.  On a trip to Morocco, founder Emma Martin fell instantly in love with the craftsmanship and one of a kind look and feel of each rug. “I wanted to provide a platform to showcase these artisans making the rugs, which is such a beautiful process, but also allows them to be accessible to a wider group of people,” explains Emma.  “In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco each new rug is entirely handcrafted one knot at a time, the same way they have been for centuries, with the art and technique passed down through generations. From Fez to Marrakesh, through the mountains to the desert, then on to the coast, here at Bohzali we travel far and wide through Morocco in search of the most beautiful vintage rugs.  Each rug has its own story to tell, no two are the same.” 


Every piece Bohzali offers is unique, but it is the understanding that every home is unique too that has seen the brand continue to evolve.  With the new Bohzali range of Beni M’Rirt rugs now on offer, this craftsmanship is combined with local flare and much requested touch of customisation. “Each rug is handloomed in Khénifra by the best weavers, a craft handed down by generations before them, and made with the finest New Zealand and Australian wool,” explains Emma. “Designs can be traditional or modern and we can also custom make rug designs, colours and styles of your choice.  Once the rug comes off the loom, the process is not yet finished, each rug is individually washed, brushed and dried 4-5 times.  This gives them the softest feel and glossiest finish.”

Stocked online at, they have just branched into their first bricks and mortar store in Auckland with 10 Curated in Ponsonby.