Williams Chatswood
Williams Chatswood

By their own admission, Julie and Ian Williams were going around in circles trying to find inspiration for their new kitchen; that was until they came across the team at Kitchens By Design. Then everything became clear.

Their existing kitchen was the original in an ’80s-style house that they’d been living in for two years. “We always knew a new kitchen was on the shopping list, and it had got to the point where it was looking old, and our girls were getting bigger – we weren’t a family with little kids any more. We needed to do something. The kitchen wasn’t working for us, but we didn’t know what we wanted or where to go,” says Julie.


“We found Kitchens By Design online, but it was their showroom that clinched it for us. It was very impressive – chalk and cheese compared to the others we visited. We started speaking to Jane Fergusson, one of the designers there, and she immediately got who we were and what we were trying to achieve. We clicked straight away. Jane made it easy for us to visualise what our new kitchen could look like.”


Julie laughs that they didn’t give much of a brief to work with, just that they liked open shelving and wanted a bit of wood in their new kitchen, and also somewhere to have a casual meal. 


“Jane asked us lots of question about how we lived, cooked and used the kitchen. She was the only one that did that of all the people we spoke to,” says Julie. “She then came up with three different concepts – one was the original footprint, upgraded, the other was a partial change, the third was a complete change with all the bells and whistles… and that’s the one we went for.”

Williams Chatswood

Seeing the mood board for the first time, with all the samples of colours and materials was one of the most memorable moments of the whole process for Julie and Ian; also, choosing the benchtop material, then selecting each slab individually before it was templated, so they could see where the veining would appear on the final benchtop. “That was a special service,” says Jane.


Now their new kitchen is finished, the couple say that they both really love the bamboo breakfast bar. “We never thought of using bamboo – that’s was Jane’s suggestion – but it gave us that touch of wood we asked for. It’s also a very durable and hardwearing material, which is ideal for the counter top. The window seat is wonderful. It has completely changed how I use the space, because I can now lounge in the kitchen. Our daughters can hang out there, too. It’s great in the morning because it catches all the sun. We also love our new scullery.


“Working with Kitchens By Design was so easy. Jane was great to communicate with, and she listened and ran with any ideas we had. Everything was so well planned out – she just instinctively knew where everything should go. Also, the whole team at Kitchens By Design fought our corner through the whole process, ensuring everything was done properly and we got exactly what we wanted, which saved us time and energy. They were definitely value for money.


“In the end it comes down to trust. We trusted Jane and went with what she recommended, and it worked out really well. The kitchen speaks for itself, just look at it!”

Kitchen By Design’s showroom is at 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna (09) 379 3084. They are open Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm, Sat 10am-2.30pm, or by appointment. kitchenbydesign.co.nz