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Connecting To True Personal Power


They say never underestimate the empowering effect of deep human connection. It can attract wealth, influence and love.


Through wisdom found on her own journey, Suzanne Masefield knows how to unite you to your life purpose using practical steps.


“My job is getting people to connect with themselves so they can connect better with others,” she says.


The author, executive coach and body-mind analyst, is a familiar face on TV as she’s fast become the go-to expert media call about body language.


When not consulting to some of the biggest casinos and corporates in the world, Suzanne works one-on-one with general managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs. 


She says diving deep in a safe space ultimately connects the dots to true personal power. 


“It’s about getting that connection so you come across with presence and charisma so people follow you rather than you managing them,” she says.


One client Suzanne’s mentored for nearly six years has accelerated up the corporate ladder from being a manager to CEO—and she’s a busy mum of four.


“It’s about owning your value and really understanding the uniqueness of what you have to offer instead of being in a state of I’m not enough or good enough.” 


She calls her works “Collaborative Intelligence™”. 


It’s all about creating homeostasis through having mental focus, being emotionally centred, and physically present using strategy and presence. Alignment is everything. So is having an acute awareness of how you impact others.


If there’s any unconscious self-sabotaging behaviour going on, she’ll flush it out, same with those in burnout mode. Honing in on both tangible and intangible goals is Suzanne’s secret. 


The intangibles are actually what most want but they go about it by doing the tangible. “Your intangibles could be feeling confident, feeling productive, feeling balanced, free or secure,” she says. “Making an impact, receiving recognition, being valued, making more money or even losing weight are the tangibles.” 


The flow-on effect is more tangibles are achieved as clients work toward the intangibles.


She often works with two demographics: people that feel undervalued or cannot communicate their value, and those struggling with how they’re communicating.


One of the biggest issues for women is not being able to communicate their value to get paid their worth. “I am really good at helping them with this, there is a way,” she says.


For men it’s their communication style. Experts promoted due to their technical skillset that are weak managing people or aggressive alphas who fire bullets at their staff. “Their IQ is very high but their EQ is very low.” 


While the corporate world is Suzanne’s typical territory, in January 2019 the general public have an opportunity to join her new programme, Be Bold on Purpose Mastery for Execs and Entrepreneur’s.


The exclusive mastermind incorporates online group sessions plus one-on-one coaching and access to Suzanne’s online course, Signals to Success, that teaches body language and emotional intelligence.


Free discovery sessions will be held for applicants with up to eight chosen for the special six-month programme that’s priced at a third of what she usually charges. Her normal fee can be up to $20,000 for a tailored package.


“This is a bit of an experiment as usually this type of programme is only run with executive teams in house, but I want to spread it a bit further,” Suzanne says. Being bolder becomes a language in her eyes. “For me, ‘being bold’ is very rounded, it’s about being present, owning your challenges and your magnificence.”


She’s also inspiring the next generation with her new magical adventure book, Eddie Motion and the Tangible Magik. Five years in the making and now part of a trilogy, it’s injected with all the same life lessons she teaches adults. 


“I didn’t want it to be a lecture book—I wanted it to be magical.” Forty percent of the book’s proceeds are dedicated to a charity set up in honour of her little nephew, Kit. 


The charity has already raised 25,000 towards research in the UK to help prevent the unnecessarily high rate of neo-natal deaths occurring every day in hospitals.


Producing the book was a “big learning curve” for Suzanne. After putting it aside for years thinking it wasn’t a wise business move, she had an epiphany. “I realised I’d cut a big part of me off which is what I tell my clients not to do.”


By reclaiming her inner child, the integration honoured intangible goals that have achieved a far reaching, deeper connection. The book is now an Amazon best-seller.


“When you’re connected you feel it—you’re comfortable in your own skin, easy with other people, can pick up what’s going on in a group situation and adjust accordingly so you can positively impact all areas of your life.”


Words – Sarah Sparks

Purchase Suzanne Masefield’s magical adventure book, Eddie Motion and the Tangible Magik at