Curl up with a good book these school holidays!

A place of Stone and Darkness by Chris Mousdale will absorb you from start to finish. Annabelle Harrison (12y) gives you a brief peek between the covers….

A perfectly quirky debut novel from Chris Mousdale; scattered with remnants of our world, and then layered with a thick dark coat of dystopia and survival. A Wonderland-esque novel, if Alice in Wonderland became considerably darker, earthier, and overall more bizarre. Prepare to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the endangered Striggs, despite the fact that, as a Toppa, you should never have known the Striggs existed!

Looking closer at the writing: we get a chance to question politics and ethics before finally coming to a conclusion; be one, be all, be everything. But what exactly does this mean?

When it comes to characters, the only similarity they all share is a fierce desire to do what they believe is right; whether the character is an antagonist, protagonist, or something in between. From Toppa to Strigg, intentions are uncertain, and twists lie after every turn.

Perfect for those who, like Ellee our protagonist, would adventure into the dark, or even the light… As we travel deeper into the past and into a harsh reality, tensions heighten, building up to a climax that finally links two worlds and their stories.

I can’t wait to read more of Striggworld and Uptop, and how these mystifying, cryptic and danger-filled societies came to be. Perhaps a prequel/sequel is in order…

A Place of Stone and Darkness can be purchased from most local book stores and some online vendors.