Eco-Friendly, Natural and Sustainable Beauty Products

Natural, organic beauty products that the environment and your body will love you for using.

Little Salties Natural Deodorant

Little Salties natural deodorants are formulated from the best clean ingredients to ensure you stay feeling fresh all day. Made in New Zealand and boosted with magnesium and salt, Little Salties deodorants help to neutralise and inhibit odour causing bacteria using an innovative formula which provides healthy and safe protection against odour and wetness.

Hippie Sticks

HippieStick is the world’s first plantable lipstick! Each tube contains cornflower seeds, which means at the end of use, you can plant your tube to grow a beautiful flower that provides a great food source for the bees. All products are made from natural, vegan, and lip loving ingredients for a healthy pout allowing for excellent staying power on each groovy shade. HippeSticks are: NZ made, vegan, zero waste/compostable, cruelty- and palm-free.


Radiance have been helping Kiwis lead healthier lives for over 30 years. They use premium ingredients to formulate supplements that help New Zealanders feel better inside and out. The Radiance beauty range is the ultimate in age-defying beauty with specialised products to support hair, skin and nail health. Radiance products are made with you, your family and our earth in mind – and now have a 100% recyclable new look.