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Fine Wine Delivery Celebrates 23rd Birthday

Fine Wine Delivery Celebrating 23 years In Business

On August 1, 1997, Fine Wine Delivery began their humble family wine business from a spare bedroom in their home. Two of the five founding pillars were Taste, Rate & Guarantee writing all their own reviews for every wine sold and Empower customers to make their own selections.


Fine Wine Delivery have been at the forefront of technology in beverage over 23-years launching NZ’s first interactive wine website in 1998 and commissioning their 13th iteration of late last year.


In January 2019, Fine Wine Delivery were introduced to IBM CEO Mike Smith creators of the Watson Artificial Intelligence platform. They discussed their 22-year vision to be able to communicate simultaneously with hundreds of customers, empowering them to make expert selections around style preference. Impressed with the depth of legacy tasting information, Mike teamed Fine Wine Delivery with Peter Catt and his development team at Spacetime. The exciting journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence began by launching the Smart Search single search bar on in August 2019. Simply search in your natural language i.e. buttery, peachy, toasty Hawkes Bay Chardonnay for $25 and in an instant AI delves into the Chardonnay category and presents you with a selection of wines exhibiting those characteristics.


Fine Wine Delivery Flavour Wheel
Fine Wine Delivery Flavour Wheel


Weeks later Fine Wine Delivery launched Chat Bot a guided question and answer tool to assist you online. Most recently added to the website is the Flavour Wheel. There is a Flavour Wheel for each wine variety and it contains all the primary and sub flavours from fruit through winemaking influence pertaining to that variety. Just click on a selection of flavours that appeal to you and in an instant AI will present you with several wines exhibiting those characteristics. It is interactive, easy to use, precise, and puts the power in your hands – Making you the expert®.


Fine Wine Delivery are only at the beginning of this AI journey and their humble, kiwi, family-owned business is excited to keep building on their vision – watch this space!


Click on the link below to enjoy their celebratory birthday deals, cheers to you!


Jeff & Family.