Enjoy a glass of Freshly Shipped Champagne Gardet this Festive Season

Maison Champagne Gardet hails from the Village of Chigny-les-Roses, equidistant between Reims and Épernay and has been a long-standing favourite of Fine Wine Delivery customers.

An eagerly anticipated fresh shipment of the gorgeous variants has just landed, we had to patiently wait for them to reach the desired lees aging… which is longer than most of the NV Champagnes. Greater use of reserve cuvees to create deeper complexity and extended time ageing on lees in bottle are both core to Gardet’s Signature Dry Champagne styles.


Ageing on lees in bottle is the single most defining quality of a great Champagne. The longer the better, there are no shortcuts to building body and finesse. Adding more sugar at dosage (process of taking Champagne off lees and readying for market) as some big brand commercial labels do, is a temporary illusion that your palate quickly tires of. Longer ageing on lees builds greater complexity and balance, enabling a lower dosage of sweetness resulting in drier superbly rounded Champagnes you could drink all night.


The difference in body, finesse and dryness with all of Maison Gardet’s Champagnes becomes more compelling with every sip!


Champagne Gardet has long been served at Lord’s Cricket Ground, for 5-years at the UK’s House of Commons (still in residence) and in the Business Class Cabins of numerous marquee airlines. Most recently Gardet Brut Tradition and Brut Rosé have been added to the cellars of the Elysée Palace alongside many of France’s most iconic wine labels, office and residence of the President of the French Republic. They have named Gardet their official ambassadors, one of the most beautiful recognitions a house of Champagne can gain.


Maison Gardet was established in 1895 when Charles Gardet, an entrepreneurial shopkeeper, founded his House in Epernay. In the 1930s, his son Georges Gardet moved to Chigny-les-Roses to continue the tradition and develop the Champagne Gardet brand.


The Prieux family who have worked in the wine sector for years and were already owners of the Extra Brut Champagne House Ployez-Jacquemart, became the third, and proud family owners of this wonderful House in 2004. Deeply attached to its roots in the Champagne region, Maison Gardet combines 21st century technology with the tradition inspired by the founder of the House, to produce champagnes of outstanding quality.


We recommend drinking the Gardet Brut Tradition NV, Gardet Brut Rosé NV and Gardet Premier Cru Blanc de Noir this Summer. You can find these fabulous Champagnes at both our Fine Wine Delivery Superstores or online at

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Jeff, Virginia, Richard, Tracey & the team