Michael Brown

Makeup Tips & Tricks With Michael Brown

How did you get your start in the industry?

I grew up in Perth as a dancer which meant plenty of stage makeup. Being a boy, I was only required to do a small amount but somehow always ended up with a fabulous smokey eye so the girls began requesting I do their makeup, too. I enjoyed it so much that I completed a makeup course straight out of high school and went into retail cosmetics. L’Oreal Luxe saw me move to Sydney and exposed me to international travel, media, fashion and celebrities. Now here I am years later working for myself, representing some of the biggest brands in the world, but all in my own name — it’s a great feeling.


What is the best opportunity you’ve had to date and who are some of the biggest names you’ve worked with?

I’m so lucky to have had so many amazing opportunities working with celebrities, attending awards, making TV appearances and now as an ambassador for big name brands. The career highlight that always sticks out was working on Gisele Bundchen. She was in Australia to launch her shoe range and I was with her for a full day. I remember being so nervous as I had only worked on local Aussie celebs at the time (like the fabulous Jennifer Hawkins!) and Gisele was at that point the highest paid supermodel in the world — her security was scary! We ended up getting along famously so I was chuffed. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Miranda Kerr and just last year both Sofia Richie and Scott Disick.


What do you love most about working as a makeup artist in Australia? 

I feel so blessed doing what I do coming from the cosmetics retail floor. I was so happy simply giving makeup advice to women and seeing them gain confidence. I never dreamt I’d be doing makeup on a national or international scale. It’s incredible when brands trust you enough to represent their products, but success in this way doesn’t happen overnight. It took years to get that reputation and to make a name for myself within the industry. I’m lucky to have always had such big supporters and people around me I can really trust for the right advice.


What things do you take into consideration when mastering makeup looks for some of the biggest events?  

There are a lot of elements that go into it. What vibe are we going for? What are the notes from the stylist? What will the hair be? What’s the lighting like? It really changes depending on the event and the situation but once you know your products (the ones you trust to last the distance and that suit your client) you are good to go.

I’m so happy simply giving makeup advice to women and seeing them gain confidence.

Michael Brown
What’s your go-to eye look?

I love a neutral tone smokey eye starting with a brown and caramel shade (nothing too dark!) blended into the socket area. Then add a champagne highlight shade on the inner tear duct and at the peak of the brow. Next, add a slight metallic shade on the mobile eyelid to give another element of colour, before a lick of mascara. I always love adding individual lashes from Ardell, around four or five, on the outer part of the eye for more depth and a lifting effect. I know individual lashes are harder to apply on yourself but I love the natural look they give while adding that little extra oomph.


What are some of the best tips and tricks for applying lashes seamlessly?

It’s important to always trim lashes so that they fit perfectly. Place each lash on the eye and make sure both ends fit within the eye lines — you don’t want the lash to drag the eye down because it’s too long for the length of your eye. To trim always start with the outer part of the lash and apply only after mascara has been applied. DUO is my lash glue brand of choice and I always use the dark tone so there isn’t any messy ‘white’ appearance when applying — great when in a rush and don’t have time for white glue to dry clear. Each time you remove lashes make sure you immediately peel off any excess glue as you can re-use each pair multiple times. Always place falsies onto the lash line with tweezers or a lash applicator for control and perfect placement right at lash line, but apply to the existing lashes, not so much your eyelid skin, so that there’s no visible gap between the natural and false lash. It’s always best to have your eyeline looking down but not completely closed so that lids are smooth and exposed for easy application. Use the other end of the tweezer or lash applicator to apply pressure to the inner and outer lash corners — it’s so important to have good hold so that lashes don’t flick up later in wear.


What do you look for in a fool-proof falsie?

The first thing I look for is a fairly invisible false lash band — you don’t want anything too thick or bulky at the base of the lash as it looks very unnatural. Ardell uses Invisiband technology which means the styles look natural yet full! It also helps the lashes fit to every eye shape.


What single product can’t you live without?

I’m a big brow and lashes guy when it comes to makeup, but I guess mascara would be the one single product I couldn’t live without. If I could, I’d also use my Ardell Short Individuals in the outer corner of the eyes — I’m a sucker for a fluffy lash!