Sarah Tuck
Sarah Tuck

Sarah Tuck’s Stuck Together

Sarah Tuck is a celebrated food writer, photographer and stylist. Her second cook book, Stuck Together, is sure to please previous fans and create new ones. Combining anecdotes, humour alongside her brilliant recipes, this book is for the stomach and soul. Sarah’s love of indulgence is paired perfectly with her active and healthy lifestyle, this book presents the perfect balance.


What can we expect to find in the book?

Loads of fabulous recipes for all sorts of occasions, to celebrate good times, commiserate bad times and share love with family, friends and ‘loved up dinners for two’.


Why was it important to have a diverse range of recipes that fit under a ‘wicked temptation’ like label, alongside the ‘halo wearing saintly’ ones?

Because life’s diverse – we all have good days and bad. Days when we like to indulge and days when we feel like taking healthy approach. The recipes reflect real life in all its messy fabulousness.


Who is your biggest cooking inspiration?

My biggest cooking inspiration is still Jamie Oliver from the original Naked Chef series. Where he made cooking fun, accessible and all about getting amongst it.


What drives you creatively?

I am driven creatively by seasonal produce, dining out and travel – ultimately I want to cook food I know the people in my life will enjoy – bringing them pleasure and sharing a meal with the people I love, around the table; is my ultimate happy place.


How did you get started in the industry?

It started when I fell into a job doing recipe development and styling for Annabel Langbein. I was inspired to learn photography, start my own blog (, and from there I went freelance then on to become editor of dish.


What were your motivations for the second book?

I always knew I wanted to do a companion book for the first, it started as a passion project; dreaming of finding new love. Then evolved into an acceptance that we really do need to stick ourselves back together. It is also a tribute to other singles doing our best to navigate this solo life with an open heart.


What does a typical day look like for you?

It starts at 5am with a big cup of tea, followed at 6am by a 9km walk, then into the office by 8:30am. My work day will depend on where I am in the publishing cycle, I may be styling and shooting, attending meetings, checking proofs or planning the next issue. After work it’s usually home to unwind, enjoy a whisky and make dinner for one of my two sons who lives with me. It is a lovely rhythm that suits me really well.


What is your favourite dish from the book?

That is an impossible question to answer! I am committed to only including fantastic recipes that I know readers will use over and over. I think if people are going to buy the book and spend money on ingredients it is my duty not to disappoint — so, I’d like to think they are equally good! Perhaps one or two absolute bangers are the lamb curry or ginger teriyaki salmon.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and any life advice for our readers?

Be yourself. And my advice is be vulnerable, it takes huge courage, but life isn’t meant to be half-lived.