Taking Care Of You

It’s been an uncertain and unsettling year. In these times, it’s important to prioritise taking care of our minds and bodies.

There are so many varieties of herbal tea on offer, each with it’s own nutritional benefits. Here are two of the best.


This caffeine-free chai from STORM + INDIA helps to nourish you during times of stress. It’s perfect before bed or when you just want to zen out. A delicious blend of soothing rooibos, a sprinkle of zesty orange peel, apple, raisins, coconut plus warming spices. A classic ayurvedic blend, it will warm your system and support digestion.


During these times, we are all more highly strung than usual. Changes to our daily routines can create stress, worry and anxiety that all have a lasting effect on our body. Herbal Potential’s Sandman Tea is calming and relaxing, helping you to rest better, improving sleep and keeping up your tolerance for daily stressors. It is also great for drinking during the daytime hours for people with anxiety, restlessness and hyperactivity (including kids!). Herbal Potential has 8 herbal tea blends in total, all focused on an area of health which can be naturally treated and supported with the healing power of plants.

Give your mind and body some love at these Auckland pilates and yoga studios.


One thing we know for sure is that during times of change, Yoga and Meditation are the most useful and important tools we have. Staying committed and connected with our meditation and yoga practise is what we all need to stay strong, resilient, and powerful during these challenging times. Basecamp Power Yoga offers unconditional support no matter what is going on for you.

Studio Three

Studio Three in Grey Lynn is boutique fitness at its best – specialising in small classes including Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, Barre, TRX, Stretch & Restore and more. Their highly trained team of Pilates Instructors are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals in an environment that is welcoming and encouraging of all ages and fitness levels. With 8 years experience they have certainly earned their 5 star reputation, and are voted as one of the top ten places to workout in Auckland.

Studio Three is offering a FREE class to our Verve readers* – simply email to claim your free class, DM their team via their social media.

*Note: The free class excludes Pilates Reformer due to limited capacity.