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The Changing Face Of Funerals | Davis Funerals

Things have been changing in the funeral industry and the team at Davis Funerals are delighted about it.


There has been a slow movement over the last few years, of funerals becoming more personalised. These small personal details are what bring an extra level of intimacy when our loved-ones pass away. A funeral service has become a true reflection of the life that has been lived and allows families to say goodbye the way they would like too.


The team at Davis has seen quite a few very innovative services over the years. For instance, a gentleman that loved his  veggie patch, instead of flowers on his casket, his family decorated it with vegetables from his garden. With the ability to now have a custom printed casket, families have the opportunity to decorate them with family photos or have it painted the same colour as Dad’s favourite vintage car, even to handwrite or draw messages on it. The casket is only a small part of the innovations that are being seen with funerals today.


There have been horse-drawn carriages, utes, motorbike hearses, helicopters, busses and tractors to name but a few alternative vehicles used to transport loved-ones to their final resting place. It is all about what is most fitting for the individual and what the family would like to do. There are many other special touches, from secret recipes being incorporated into the service sheet on the day, to a copy of a loved-one’s favourite book given to each attendee at smaller services, the options are truly endless.


Personalisation has amplified why having a funeral is so important. It helps us to band together as families at a time when we most need each other’s support, creating a meaningful experience that will benefit those who live  on. It encourages us to think about the person who has passed, focus our thoughts and consider how they touched others’ lives in a meaningful way.