The Kainos Addiction Treatment

Kainos is a rehabilitation centre located in the beautiful paradise of Long Bay on the North Shore. Offering three different tiers of programming and focusing on a holistic, mental and physical approach, this centre offers a special and unique way of rehabilitating. Verve spoke to the Director of Administration of Kainos, Victoria Cavanagh.

I have a friend who needs help – what do you suggest I do?

Firstly I would talk to your friend and tell them you care. Often when people or loved ones are in the struggles of addiction their self-worth is very low and they often feel isolated and alone. Unfortunately those around them don’t always know the best way to approach someone in addiction so they tend not to. As far as the practical side of things go, you can phone our 0800 number 24 hours a day. Talk to your friend and see if they are ready and willing to get help.


Can you treat clients with a dual diagnosis?

If the diagnosis was made during sobriety then yes, we can treat the client, but the decision is ultimately made by our doctor and nurse and is on a case-by-case basis.


The Kainos point of difference?

Kainos was established for addicts by addicts. Most of our staff completed treatment at residential treatment centres and we took the parts that worked for us and combined them with our own lived experience. 


We only take four clients at a time so we can create an individualised treatment plan for each client. We also place a strong emphasis on holistic health, education, spiritual, mental, and physical. We approach this by employing a full-time therapist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and holistic therapist. We also have weekly outings that encourage pro social fun like days out on our jet skis, beach and nature walks, tenpin bowling, laser tag, and many more. When in active addiction we often lose the will to enjoy the simple things in life. It’s not about learning to give up drugs and alcohol, it’s about learning to love life again.


Detoxing at home. Is this a safe process to undertake, or should a person always seek professional help? 

It can be very difficult to detox at home and refrain from drinking or using. It can also be life-threatening, so we would always recommend seeking professional help and detoxing under the supervision of a doctor and nurse. We regularly detox clients at Kainos.


If we have a lock down again do you still continue to treat patients at Kainos?

Yes. We remain open as an essential service and with a maximum of four clients at any one time it is relatively easy to create and remain in our own ‘bubble’.


What time of continued care do you have after treatment?

Each of our programmes include a minimum of 18 months continuing care. We encourage clients to return at least once a week for our support group. We also welcome clients back to continue training at Kainos with our personal trainer and participate in relaxed breathing classes. 


Does your programme encourage family support?

Yes. Families visit twice a week and family counselling is offered at our centre. Children often stay overnight during treatment.


How do you measure success?

We measure success by the change in our clients, from when they arrive to the day they graduate is astounding. There is a lightness in them, sometimes it is the first time they have been clean in 10 years or more. They have routine, their natural body clocks have been reset, they have reengaged with their families and loved ones, they have self-esteem and self-worth, and most of all, they now know they can do it. No treatment centre can provide a cure, and addiction is a life-long disease. Success for us is when clients keep coming back for ongoing support and immerse themselves in our wraparound service. We are truly blessed to see so many of our residents moving forward and creating the lives they were destined to live. We see success daily. 

7 Headland Drive, Long Bay, Auckland
0800 524 667 | [email protected]