The Luteca Story

A Modern Mexico

Encompassing a bespoke collection of contemporary and modernist pieces, Luteca honours Mexico’s most influential 20th century design masters, while celebrating the diverse craftsman and artisans that make up the country’s rich cultural landscape.


Musing on the tenants of simplicity, accessibility, texture and meaning in one’s space, pieces are designed to bring joy and spark memory, while indigenous materials redefine the invaluable connection to earth.


Luteca has established itself as the first company to offer luxury Mexican design with a distinctly authentic collection and international perspective, now developing its collaborative work into the European market. Comprising of three handcrafted collections; classic, contemporary and woven, Luteca furniture pieces endure time and tradition, honouring heritage, design, legacy and vision – exquisite collectibles to be cherished both now and generations to come.

Indoor + Outdoor

Unique to the Luteca collection is its celebration of indoor, outdoor living, inherent to Mexican lifestyle and culture. Encompassing natural and raw materials such as volcanic stone, walnut, maple, teak, bronze, wrapped leather and polished brass, each piece is designed and developed for life indoors and out, befitting a myriad of environments and climates and catering to international clientele around the world.

The Classic Collection

Combining tenants of local craftsmanship and the use of raw materials, The Classic Collection illuminates the legacy of 20th century “Modern Mexico”, while musing on the original and innovative designs from Michael Van Beuren, Clara Porset, and Pedro Ramirez Vázquez. Pieces are handcrafted in tradition, artistry, and a rich architectural heritage.

The Modern Masters

Pioneers of a New Mexican landscape

Michael Van Beuren

Embodying the heart of Luteca’s design philosophy, the Mexican Modernist architect Michael Van Beuren bridged the gap between innovative design and the use of local Mexican craftsmen.

Clara Porset

Steadfast in the belief that contemporary Mexican design should be rooted in the country’s rich artisanal history, Clara Porset devoted her life to championing a mutually enriching vision of modernity and tradition.

Pedro Ramírez Vázquez

Latin American architect Pedro Ramirez Vázquez was responsible for many of Mexico’s Modernist projects, including the National Musuem of Anthropoogy and the Basilica de Guadalupe.

Amanda and Sebastian Réant, Luteca Founders

The Luteca Story

Inspired by the rich architectural heritage of Mexico and Latin America, Luteca was founded in New York in 2015 by Amanda and Sebastian Réant. Combining a direct partnership with the families and foundations that hold the legacies to some of the most important Twentieth century Mexican design masters, with that of the latest contemporary talents influenced by Mexico’s rich architectural history, Luteca produces incomparable designs with unparalleled legacy.


At the core of Luteca’s foundation lies the honouring of the past and the continued vision of present. The use of local materials, techniques and skilled artisans encompass the company’s commitment to diverse culture and legacy, creating pieces both rooted in heritage as well as a sustainable commitment to redefining the future.