The Natural Funeral Company
The Natural Funeral Company

The Natural Funeral Company has a focus on offering an ecological and alternative approach to funerals. We have been assisting families in the wider Auckland area for 20 years now, and are a personable group of women from various backgrounds with a passion for helping people at the time of death.


We began after hearing people say they would like a cardboard coffin and not to be embalmed. Although we do embalm at times, our unique care of a person’s body and our alternative to embalming is the age old practice of bathing with essential oils, restorative creams and cooling with ice. We call everyone by their first name and promise never to put anyone into refrigeration.


We work in people’s homes with as much or as little input as required, or at our premises, that has a calm ambience (it’s been an old church) that’s created to feel like home with lots of candles, flowers and plants. We know there are many decisions to make when arranging a funeral and honouring our connections to the people we know and love.


We understand the importance of guiding with sensitivity and support as you make decisions from choosing a coffin to what kind of service you’d like. While there is no legal requirement to have a funeral it has been our experience that to mark someone’s passing by acknowledgement of their life and their importance to us is a worthwhile ritual.


Our choice of coffins is extensive, from cardboard (of course) to woven baskets and wool.  We have a wide choice of solid timber coffins and plywood coffins and one can even be shrouded.


We help with venues, catering, cards, celebrants and live streaming, particularly important in these times when we are unable to travel.


We welcome helping you as fully as possible to fulfil your wishes for the kind of farewell you’d like.


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