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- Church Road -

Church Road is not only one of the oldest and most popular tourist wineries in New Zealand it’s also the forefront of the Hawkes Bay winemaking region made famous by the late Tom McDonald. Established from humble beginnings in 1897 the winery today is much more than a historic cellar door that has preserved its self-contained history and strong presence but continues to produce some of the best wines that money can buy.

It was almost a century ago at the tender age of fourteen that Tom McDonald decided to get his education on the land by beginning his working life as a cellar hand at the winery. In 1936 Tom purchased the winery which enabled him to further his passion for producing red wine. In 1949 Tom released the countries first commercial cabernet sauvignon. Such was his success he soon became known as the father of red wine. Tom passed away in 1987 leaving behind a legacy of quality winemaking.

As a tribute to Tom McDonald in 1995 the first TOM cabernet sauvignon vintage was produced followed by TOM chardonnay fifteen years later. Since joining Church Road in 1998 winemaker Chris Scott has continued the TOM journey and etched the winery into the list of great vineyards of New Zealand with the introduction of new varietals as syrah and viognier together with numerous award winning trophies along the way.


Church Road TOM Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Church Road TOM Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon ‘16 


Sophisticated and complex this double blended achievement delivers exceptional balance that brings a powerful and rich aroma that carries across the palate. The firm ripe tannins will keep this wine in form for years.

Church Road TOM Chardonnay 2019

Church Road TOM  Chardonnay ’19 


This stunningly delicate and finely styled wine driven by an intense fusion of flavour and deep concentrated aromas is softly fresh and full on the palate making this one of the very best of its kind.