Ashford Castle, Ireland
Ashford Castle, Ireland

Unique and Unusual Wedding Venues

With this year bringing forth so many hurdles, we know it’s best to keep your eyes on the horizon. Weddings take a lot of time to plan, which is something we’ve all been given an abundance of. That once or so moment in a lifetime, where everyone comes together to celebrate love, is an unparalleled experience. For now, let’s get inspired and anticipate the great times ahead.


Ashford Castle

A wedding fit for King and Queen, this 800-year-old castle can be rented for up to 163 guests. Due to its remote but expansive location and 83 bedrooms, you and your guests will have plenty of room to roam and enjoy the castle experience. There’s also a river cruise, falconry, tennis and a cinema on the grounds, if the fabulous interior and exterior weren’t tempting enough.


Cedar Lakes Estate, USA
Cedar Lakes Estate, USA

Cedar Lakes Estate

Cedar Lakes Estate offers the ultimate nature lover/rustic/bohemian wedding experience. With multiple venue options available, such as lakeside or in a spacious treehouse, this is one wedding your guests will never forget. The venue only accepts so many weddings per year, to guarantee each event is flawlessly presented.


Coromandel Peak
New Zealand

Bringing new meaning to shouting your love from the mountaintops, Coromandel Peak is a stunning place to say ‘I do’. With the cobalt water of Wanaka’s lake and the Southern Alps surrounding the peak, you’re assured a uniquely breath-taking view. Only accessible by helicopter, you’ll have a highly intimate experience.


Wookey Hole Caves, England
Wookey Hole Caves, England

Wookey Hole Caves

This underground cavern is quite the quirky location for a wedding. The three caverns were formed over a million years ago and can accommodate up to 110 guests. The dripping stalactites, clear pools that are illuminated by soft candlelight, as well as the option to light the space further in any colour one desires; make for a mystical and memorable impression.