What is Micropod?

Micropod contains a specially designed bamboo fibre tray and seedmats featuring a variety of microgreen flavours like rocket, kale and mustard. Simply add water and in 7-15 days, a fresh harvest of nutritious microgreens await! Throw the used mat into your garden to break down and allow the nutrients to be fed back into the garden. Its soil-free, compostable/recyclable and so easy to use.



Micropod was created in 2018 after its founder, Jeff, found out about the amazing health benefits of microgreens and then struggled to grow them at home due to the high maintenance traditional growing method. He enlisted the help of his three mates to come up with an easier, tidier and simpler way of growing so that everyone could enjoy the flavours and health benefits of this tiny superfood, no matter what their living space!


Product Range Pricing

  • $49 for a Starter Kit (includes a specially designed bamboo tray plus 6 seedmats including varieties; rocket, mizuna and kale)
  • $12 for seedmat refills (varieties include Mix Pack 1, Mix Pack 2, Pak Choi, Red Kale, Rocket, Mizuna, Chia, Mustard)
  • $10 for Micro Snips


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