What to Consider When Planning a Funeral | Davis Funerals

Location and venue

How far people will need to travel? Do you prefer to use a religious chapel, a service at home or a venue such as a sports club?


Burial or cremation

Burial requires the purchase and upkeep of a physical plot and allows for a permanent memorial site. Cremation means a memorial service can be held at a later time and ashes can be shared among loved ones. Remember to nominate where you would like your plot to be or ashes to be spread.


Minister or celebrant

You may choose to have your service lead by a religious leader or a friend, or ask a funeral company to recommend a celebrant.


Caskets and urns

Caskets can be made from different materials and some can be printed with personal images. Urns are used to hold ashes and come in a variety of forms.


Viewing of the body

Spending time with the body may help others in their grieving process. Your preference may then impact your choice of embalming or other options as they affect appearance.



Consider who you would like to carry the casket in and out of the service venue. Caskets can be heavy so be sure to include some adults if young people such as grandchildren will be involved.


Notifying people

Consider who you’d like to be told of your passing and how can they be contacted.


Guests overseas

Online guestbooks where people can leave messages and upload photos are particularly useful when people can’t be there for a service. It’s now often possible to also video the service or livestream it for those that cannot join.


Download a helpful pre-planning guide at davisfunerals.co.nz