Rickie Dee Co Founder of Superette
Rickie Dee Co Founder of Superette

A Day In The Life of Rickie Dee | Co-Founder of Superette

Co-founder of Superette, Rickie Dee is living proof that you can have it all…if you work hard enough. Marking 18 years in business, Superette’s newest store at Commercial Bay opens this month, and ahead of the big reveal Rickie caught up with us to share how she tackles her insanely busy schedule juggling work, family and of course a bit of fun. 

6 am

Mornings at our place are a bit crazy now that the kids are back at school so I try to get up before them to sort myself for the day. I love getting dressed as it changes depending on how I’m feeling and what’s on. Putting on a great outfit each day was something I committed to doing during lockdown and I found it really put me in the right mindset and helped to lift spirits when the cabin fever was setting in. My fail-safe look is definitely a great pair of jeans with a simple linen tee and a crisp blazer, you can’t go wrong! I also make myself a quick smoothie using some of our amazing Beauty Chef and WelleCo products and then we’re out the door.

9 am

After school drop-off, I’m off to the office with a coffee in hand and it’s full steam ahead. Lots of catch ups with everyone from our buying and marketing teams through to our people experience team, and my business partner, James. I also try to squeeze three sessions with my personal trainer in throughout the week – we kept this up over lockdown via Zoom so it’s been awesome to get back into it face-to-face recently. Fitness has become a really important part of my life, it’s my way to zone out and take my mind off things for a moment or two. 

Superette Commercial Bay

1 pm

I eat lunch on the go most days, a poke bowl or some Vietnamese summer rolls are my faves. I find it’s a great time to look at my schedule for the week, no two days are the same which I absolutely love and has helped to keep me going over the past 18 years! I also check over various reports that our team send through – I devote a bit of time to this as I’m quite passionate about staying on top of what our customers are loving in store and making sure that we deliver what they need. This has been even more important recently with a whole new ‘normal’ way of life post-lockdown. 

4 pm

Evenings are all about family in our house. It’s our time to catch up with the kids or we also love entertaining and often have friends and family round for a barbie and some great wine – so nice to be able to do this again! Then after putting the kids in bed, my partner and I have some time just to ourselves to recap the day. I also love to take baths, so sometimes I’ll do that if I need some time to myself, which I’ve learned over the years is really important. After that it’s just a matter of getting ready to do it all again tomorrow. 

7 pm

If I’m not on school pick-up then I spend my afternoons doing creative bits and pieces and love working on our house brand and coming up with exciting new concepts that we think our customers will love. Recently I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on our new Commercial Bay store which opens this month, liaising with our amazing interior designers at DesignOffice and also with our buyers to discuss some exciting collabs and exclusive products that we will have launching.