Prue MacDougall, Atlas Pacifica
Prue MacDougall, Atlas Pacifica

Atlas Pacifica by Prue MacDougall | 15 October – 3 November 2020

Railway Street Gallery | A part of Artweek

Printmaker Prue MacDougall explores themes of journeying, both physically across the world and chronologically through time, and the effect such journeying has on one’s sense of identity.


Myth and reality often become blurred in the visual telling of these stories; narratives of many strange events become embroidered with retelling. Whether fact or fiction, it is the wonder of the story itself that becomes most important.


Prue’s latest body of work follows on from her successful series, Age of Exploration. The work embodies many ideas strongly linked to New Zealand around travel, sailing and people that have adapted or are still in the process of moving and adapting. At times playful and whimsical, at other times serious and introspective, she fashions these ideas into nostalgic cameos in which our present reality reconnects with the past and is re-evaluated.


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